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Slayer Traits are the base stats in Dead Island 2 which determine the effectiveness of each slayer. There are 7 slayer traits. A detailed explanation of each trait can be found below. The traits of each slayer are:

Slayer Peak Health Health Recovery Toughness Resilience Agility Stamina Critical Damage
Amy 90 (level 1)
2700 (level 30)
100 80 100 120 100 110
Bruno 80 (level 1)
2400 (level 30)
100 90 100 110 100 120
Dani 110 (level 1)
3300 (level 30)
80 100 90 100 120 100
Jacob 120 (level 1)
3600 (level 30)
90 100 80 100 110 100
Carla 100 (level 1)
3000 (level 30)
100 110 120 90 100 80
Ryan 100 (level 1)
3000 (level 30)
100 120 110 80 100 90

Peak Health[]

Determines your maximum health.
— In game description

Peak Health determines the maximum health that your slayer can have. It determines how much damage you can sustain before dying. Your health becomes critical when you're below 30% of your Peak Health. The screen becomes more red, the health regeneration rate is greatly increased and certain skills, such as Dig Deep activate when you are critically hurt.

Health Recovery[]

Determines how quickly your health recovers -- both when critically hurt and for normal health regeneration.
— In game description

Health Recovery determines how fast your health regenerates after not being hit for 7.5 seconds. You are critically hurt when your health is below 30% of your Peak Health. With a Health Recovery stat of 100, you regen 5% of your Peak Health per second while critically hurt. While above 30% health, the recovery rate slows down to only 0.2% per second. It therefore only takes 9 seconds to recover from being critically hurt. It takes another 5 minutes and 50 seconds to reach your Peak Health. The effect of a lower Health Recovery stat has not yet been determined.

External Health Recovery[]

Below is an incomplete list of other sources that recover health and their values. Sources that only recover health instantly will not cause the passive Health Recovery to active early. Sources that cause over time health recovery will also active the passive Health Recovery. Health Recovery values are a percentage of the Peak Health.


Determines the total physical damage you take from zombie attacks. The tougher you are, the less physical damage you'll take.
— In game description

Besides reducing physical damage taken, Toughness also reduces bleed and explosion damage. At 100 Toughness you have no resistance nor weakness to bleed and explosive damage. Every point above 100 Toughness will reduce bleed and explosive damage by 0.5% as well as making the bleed status effect build up slower. Similarly, every point below 100 Toughness will increase bleed and explosive damage taken by 0.5% and makes the bleed status effect build up faster.


Determines your protection against Fire, Shock and Caustic damage, and the harmful status effects Ignite, Electrified, and Melting. The higher your resilience, the less such damage you'll take and the slower you'll build up these status effects.
— In game description

Resilience reduces elemental damage taken and makes elemental status effects build up slower. Elemental damage is caustic, fire and electric damage. At 100 resilience you have no resistance nor weakness to elemental damage. Every point above 100 resilience will reduce elemental damage by 0.5% as well as making the elemental status effect build up slower. Similarly, every point below 100 resilience will increase elemental damage taken by 0.5% and makes the bleed status effect build up faster.


Determines your base movement speed.
— In game description

Agility determines the walking speed of your slayer, but has no effect on your sprint speed. Therefore the main use for high agility is for evading attacks and moving to new enemies during combat. At 100 Agility you walk at the default walking speed. Every point above 100 Agility will increase your walking speed by 0.5%. Similarly, every point below 100 Agility will decrease your walking speed by 0.5%.


Determines how many heavy attacks and special moves you can perform in quick succession in combat before needing to catch your breath.
— In game description

Stamina allows you to perform heavy attacks, your jump kick skill and special attack skill. The slayer will make an exhausted sound if the stamina bar is emptied by a lot. The following amount of stamina is used up by the following moves:

  • Heavy attack (regardless of charge level): differs per weapon. Anywhere between 16-33, typically around 20
  • Jump kick skill: 20
  • Special attack skill: 40

Stamina Regeneration[]

2 seconds after using stamina, it will start to regenerate. Attempting to perform the jump kick skill while below 20 stamina will pause the regeneration for ~1.2 seconds. The regeneration speed is dependent on the stamina remaining and can roughly be divided in 3 regions. between 0%-40% remaining stamina, you regenerate stamina at a rate of ~3.33% stamina per second. Between 40%-70% the rate is 2% stamina per second. Finally between 70%-100% you regenrate at a rate of roughly 1.33% stamina per second. This means that it takes 50 seconds to fully regenerate your stamina.

Stamina Sources[]

Below is an incomplete list of stamina affecting sources and their values.

  • Autophage tier 2: -50% stamina regeneration rate (passive) and +8% stamina for hits after a kill.
  • Block and Dodge: +16% stamina for normal zombie attacks, +100% stamina upon blocking an Apex zombie attack.
  • Balanced perk: -20% stamina usage for heavy attacks.
  • Restoring perk: +10% stamina each critical hit or zombie kill (zombie kill with a critical hit gives only +10%).
  • Hits from weapons with a Mutilator Mod against a weakened zombie: depends on the mods rarity. The uncommon mod regens 4% stamina per hit, the rare mod 6% and the superior mod regens 8% stamina per hit.
    • Weakened enemies also take 30% increased damage (multiplicative).

Critical Damage[]

Determines the total damage you do when performing a critical hit.
— In game description

The Critical Damage stat will add a flat amount of critical multiplier to the critical multiplier stat of your weapon. A Critical Damage stat of 100 will not influence the critical multiplier. Every point above 100 Critical Damage will add 0.005 critical multiplier. Similarly, every point under 100 Critical Damage will remove 0.005 critical multiplier. The damage from a critical hit is then calculated as the damage of a normal hit multiplied with the critical multiplier. The role of limb damage in this equation has not yet been determined.