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It's all in the swing.
— In-game Description

The Skull Driver is a type of Headhunter blunt weapon featured in Dead Island 2. A variant of the Golf Club, it is part of the Character Pack - Venice Vogue Bruno featured in the HELL-A Catwalk Collection. Once unlocked, it is purchased from Dougie in the Serling Hotel within Ocean Avenue.


The Skull Driver is always sold as a Superior rarity Golf Club with Unstable as the fixed Perk. The Skull Driver has a unique design, featuring a skull attached to the Golf Club's end and spikes near the handel.




  • The perks Acid Rain, Tear 'N Sear and Static Charge show up in the workbench but can never be applied as the Skull Driver does not allow for the required mods to apply these perks.


  • The weapon was released on 13th of June, 2023 with Patch 1.