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The Single Shot Rifle is a variant of the Rifle featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be sold by select merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


Like any other rifle, the Single Shot Rifle is a powerful firearm to have in your arsenal due to the high magazine capacity and damage offered. However, where it differs to other rifles is in its usage. Where the Auto Rifle and Burst Rifle are more suited to a 'spray 'n' pray' approach and good for taking out larger hordes, the Single Shot Rifle is more suited to a sniping role. Due to being locked to single shot mode, it allows you to carefully aim up a headshot or focus on a target further away. With the highest accuracy of all the rifles, the weapon is good for taking out things like Thugs with accurate, well placed headshots which also helps to conserve the scarce Rifle Ammo you'll have acquired. Whilst it is not the best choice of firearm for crowd control, and certainly not the best rifle for the job, the Single Shot Rifle is good for ammo conservation or for a sniping role.


As a rifle, it can accept all the rifle mods:



  • The Single Shot Rifle is very rare in Riptide, the rarest of all the firearms.
  • In the original versions of Dead Island and Riptide, the Single Shot Rifle uses the model of an AR-15 carbine.