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Simon Says... is a very easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Simon Buchanan in Dead Island.


Help save the people in the Warehouse and see if they need help.


  • You'll automatically be given this quest when nearing the Warehouse.
  • You'll see it under siege by around five Walkers.
  • Head through the broken down gate to the left of the Warehouse and start killing the zombies. Most of them are distracted beating on the door, so with a bit of luck you can kill them before they even turn around.
  • After clearing them out, head through the door in the Warehouse and talk to Simon. He'll thank you for saving them and end the quest.


  • After completing this quest, the Warehouse will become a safe house and several side quests will unlock for you to start.
  • It's a good idea to unlock the Warehouse as soon as you reach Moresby, as it contains a workbench, merchant (after completing the side quest Spicy Drinks) as well as a fast travel map. It makes travelling around Moresby slightly easier.

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