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Si is one of the main protagonists of that was supposed to appear in the September 2017 draft of the Dead Island film. It's unknown what he did prior to the outbreak but decided to travel to the Banoi Archipelago from Boulder, Colorado with his two friends Tynan and Asher to visit the Full Moon Festival on Palanai Island.

Si would have been first heard and seen in the film after a reverse, slow motion shot that introduces the main characters, where he questions why everyone in zombie movies are so miserable, but for Si and his friends, they are excited about the outbreak and that their generation has been training for this scenario. It then would transition to three weeks earlier.

Si and his friends start at an American airport and Si helps them find their plane, which they are late for, and fly to Amaia Island first, after annoying the flight attendant and generally goofing around. When Tynan records them at the beach on Amaia, he would pan it to show Si with Cassie, which Tynan disapproves of. Later, he and Asher break into his room with super soakers, intending on playing a prank, only to find the two of them in bed. Si angrily chases them.

Cassie goes with them on the rest of their trip and, on the plane to Banoi Island, Tynan records them sleeping, resting on each other. At Banoi, Si is with them, annoyed that the airline company lost their baggage at Banoi Airport, but Si hatches a plan to earn money working at the Royal Palms Resort so they can still go to the festival.

Si gets a job as a barman in the outside pools of the hotel and, on one of his breaks with Asher, Tynan drops a bag of marijuana he took from a hotel room in his lap, but he hurriedly hides it and berates him. They are interrupted by Dave but are not interested in his offer of videoing their trip, and Tynan bluntly tells him to go away. After Tynan spots a girl at the bar, he decides to pursue her when Cassie arrives to sit with Si. Si apologises to Cassie before he returns to work.

Si serves a large Russian man, Boris Popov, the incorrect drink and, after angrily going to fix it, gets distracted by Tynan getting into a fight with Maxim Locke. After tackling him and fighting for a short time, a hotel supervisor arrives on the scene and fires them both, to the gloating of Maxim. Some time, likely days, later, he is on the beach having a beer when Tynan arrives and throws cash in his face in happiness, as it's his last paycheck and there's enough for them to go to the festival. However, Si tells him that he's decided to return to America to show Cassie around, and that Asher is also returning. Tynan angrily shouts at him before they get distracted by a drowning victim on the beach which a lifeguard is tending to. The victim suddenly attacks the lifeguard, and after Si pulls the lifeguard away and shouting at the crowd who were just filming it. The victim attacks a woman and Si tries to pull them off, but is sent backwards, dazed. He then manages to save Tynan from the zombie lifeguard by killing him with a paddle. The two realise they are zombies and are excited to kill them. As they head up the beach, they see a tourist trying to kill a zombie with a diving knife. Despite telling them to go for the head, the tourist is killed. Whilst Tynan wants to escape on a boat, Si wants to find Asher and Cassie, and Tynan reluctantly follows. Si then saves Tynan from a Thug and they continue to head towards the hotel.

The opening title then repeats, with Si and Tynan meeting up with Asher and Cassie in the pools area. They soon encounter a Floater, whom Si notices is Boris. After both Cassie and Tynan fail to kill him, Si works with Tynan to distract him, where Tynan got his attention with insults whilst Si flanked him, breaking his arm. Then with Cassie and Tynan, they kill the undead Boris. After seeing the last boat leave, Si decides they should head back to the hotel to regroup. There are a load of zombies in the foyer so they decide to sneak through. However, as they near the stairs, Tynan decides to use a Vending Machine, which alerts the Infected, who chase them into the stairs.

Returning for Tynan, he manages to cut a path with his paddle for him but is bitten on the arm. As he turns, he makes Tynan promise to look after Cassie, whilst Si voices over what he's thinking as he turns, and the camera cuts between his view. Si talks about how he's now a prisoner in his own skin with a parasite that's hijacked his mind. Without control of his body, Si is helpless to prevent his body attacking Tynan, putting his hands around his throat. Tynan pushes him away and runs, Si lost to the horde following them.

He is then not encountered until weeks later when his friends venture to town to find electronics to fix a radio. Whilst Cassie and Asher find the parts, Tynan keeps watch and almost kills the zombie Si before he recognises him. Unable to kill him, he instead binds and gags him and smuggles him back to the hotel. That night, Tynan dresses up Si to try and hide him and, when he leads him past a mirror, notices that Si looks at his reflection, prompting Tynan to think that Si still lives within his zombie. The following day, he takes Si out with him on activities, including riding a jetski. At some point, he introduces Asher to the zombie Si.

Si appears in Tynan's 'man cave' at the hotel where he is on a couch with Asher and Tynan, watching TV, when Cassie appears. Recognising Si, she's angry at Tynan and moves to kill Si, but Tynan stops her and they fight. Whilst this is happening, Si manages to break from his bindings and bite Asher. After Tynan restrains Si again, Cassie, angry that he got another friend bitten, tells Tynan to put Asher out of his misery. However, he realises that Asher is immune, and they could cure Si if they manage to find someone to develop a cure. This manages to persuade Cassie to not kill Si. Several days later, however, Cassie goes in again, intending to kill Si, but after he resists biting her, she doesn't kill him and instead leaves.

Si is then seen on the roof with Tynan after the others manage to contact Dr. Kessler and arrange to head there to develop a cure. Tynan is trying to teach the zombie Si to play catch. That night, when the hotel is overrun due to sabotage from Jonathan Locke, Tynan manages to escape with Cassie and Si, pursuing Locke and his group, who have kidnapped Asher with the intent to sell his blood and cure. Heading through the swamps of Banoi towards Kessler's lab, Tynan rides Si like a horse to speed through it before they are ambushed by Koritoia Ope and some natives. After stopping him from killing Si by telling him about Locke, they all follow Ope and the natives to the lab.

Whilst going through the lab greenhouse after being let in by Kessler, the sprinklers turn on and alert zombies that were unseen by them. As the natives are being killed, Tynan uses Si as a battering ram to charge to a garbage skip in a corner. After the door is unlocked by Jerrika, they get into the lab when Locke escapes with the cure, firing at them, causing them to drop to the ground, where Si looses his muzzle that was placed on to stop him biting people. Whilst they pursue Locke with the cure when the lab is overrun and Kessler is infected, Si manages to bite Cassie, unable to stop himself before it's too late. Tynan, with the cure, decides to save Si, but the zombie Si manages to point at Cassie and say her name, causing Tynan to save her instead. Si escapes with the others on a boat and they remain adrift for several days until they see Palanai in the distance. The script, and thus movie, would then end, leaving Si a zombie.


Si's description is never specifically described, however he is described as 'muscular and tattooed'.