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For the non-leveled blunt weapon found in Dead Island, see Spade.
For the weapon in Dead Island 2, see Shovel (Dead Island 2).

The Shovel is a type of bladed melee weapon introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. it can be given out as a quest reward, sold by various merchants and found on killed zombies or in metal chests.


Shovels are marked by having generally average stats across the board, with medium damage and durability, relatively ok force and a swing speed similar to the Machete. Indeed, the Shovel can be seen as a companion to the machete, though what sets it apart is the weapon mods applicable for it. Whilst Machetes and other comparable sharp weapons have generally shock and poison mods, the Shovel can be equipped with bleed and fire mods, specially previously blunt weapon exclusive mods. As such, having a Shovel on hand with one of these mods will set it apart from other sharp weapons. Like the Machete, Shovels are good all-rounder weapons, capable of taking on both a crowd of Walkers and groups of Infected alike. It has decent weapon reach, meaning you can hit the zombie just outside of its reach, and with decent damage, it can reliably be counted on to tackle harder enemies like Thugs or Wrestlers.


Shovels can be modified with the following weapon mod blueprints:

denotes a cut/unused weapon modification


  • A Rare Shovel is obtained from Marcus Villa as a reward for completing the quest Where the Dead Live.
  • Various merchants can sell Shovels:
  • One can be found in the Flooded Jungle.
  • Found inside Fort Henderson.
  • Another variant of the shovel is present in the game called the Blade. It has identical stats and weapon model as the Shovel. However, it is unable to be obtained during normal gameplay, as it is not sold by any merchants, given as a quest reward by anyone or found in metal chests/on killed zombies. That being said, the only time you receive one is at the beginning of the game if you have the Survivor Pack DLC installed, at which point a Blade with the BBQ Mod pre-applied will be in your inventory. This is the only instance of a Blade being obtainable.