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For the ammunition in Dead Island 2, see Shotgun Shells.
Shotgun Ammo

A shotgun ammo box

Shotgun Ammo is the ammunition used for shotguns in Dead IslandDead Island: Riptide and Escape Dead Island. It comes in two different boxes, either a small shotgun ammo box or a large shotgun ammo box, containing either 10 or 20 rounds respectively in Dead Island and Riptide and containing either 5 or 12 rounds respectively in Escape. The Hero can carry up to 20 rounds of shotgun ammo in reserve, as well as a full magazine in their shotgun of choice in Dead Island and Riptide. In Escape Cliff Calo can carry unlimited shotgun ammo.


in Dead Island and Riptide the box itself is a small red cube, with a top mounted lid. The lid is a white diagonal strip with in black the brand name, Fidelfall, written on it. A green stripe running diagonally across the box separates the red from the white. In Escape the box has blue ribbes. The top part is yellow with the brand name, High Velocity, written on it in black. The front has a red and yellow checker patterns consisting of 4 squares. Centred on the front is the image of a shotgun shell. The sides are blue. The box is opened, showing a few shotgun shells.


in Dead Island and Riptide, shotgun ammo is the ammunition used in all the shotguns in the game. Whether you're using a shotgun or short shotgun, this ammo will supply it. Out of the three ammo types, shotgun ammo is by far the hardest to come by, as well as the least amount that can be carried. With only 6 or so shells in the shotgun plus 20 in reserve, it doesn't give you a lot of extended killing power if you only use a shotgun. Shotgun ammo appears very sparsely across both games. In Dead Island, there are very few set spawn locations for shotgun ammo and very few hostile survivors wield shotguns, if any. Due to its rarity and small reserve ammo capacity, shotguns are only used in dire emergencies, making it vital that you collect it whenever you can and be fully stocked up for when you need it. It is unable to be sold to Merchants, traded to other players or dropped on the ground although shotgun ammo can be retrieved by dropping a loaded shotgun if you are not full on shotgun ammo.

In Escape Dead Island, shotgun ammo makes its return and is once again shared by everything in that weapon slot. However, it is unusually not only used for the shotgun and Hellfire Shotgun, but it's also used for the Assault Rifle which is very strange as the rifle should use regular bullets. A small box also only contains 5 rounds of ammo, far less than the main games. A large box contains 12 ammo which is still less than the main games. It's just as hard to come by as pistol ammo but the first weapon that uses shotgun ammo is not encountered until halfway through the game, where shotgun ammo starts to appear as well, so its scarcity is not as crippling as the pistol ammo. Still, a lot of scavenging, saving and even replaying of the story will be needed for a decent amount to be built up. Similar to the main games, the ammo is unable to be dropped on the ground, sold to merchants (as there are no NPCs to be encountered) or traded away as it's a single player game.


Dead Island and Riptide[]

  • Dropped by shotgun wielding enemies upon death.
  • Can be given as a quest reward by some survivors.
  • Can be crafted using the shotgun ammo recipe.
  • A small shotgun ammo box will spawn on the desk where Will stands at the Laboratory.
  • Found in certain areas of the Prison.
  • Sold by Wes Tweddle in the Arena Lobby.
  • In Riptide, it can be found on various tables all across Henderson, as well as in crates at some safe houses.

Escape Dead Island[]

A box is small unless it is explicitly mentioned to be large.

  • After acquiring the shotgun, if Cliff dies twice at the same save point both 1 box of pistol ammo and 1 box of shotgun ammo spawn with him.
  • Jungle
  • GeoPharm Labs
    • 1 or 2 boxes in the bunker of the unlabeled keycard.
    • 3 boxes in the locked room near the lab entrance. Requires the Lever Axe to access.
    • 2 boxes inside the kitchen of the Reception Area. Requires the Gas Mask to access.
    • 4 boxes inside the lower, gas filled area of the Refining Lab, scattered around the area. Requires the Gas Mask to access.
    • 1 box in the lab corridor before Dr. Branden's Lab. Requires Lab Corridor Keycard.
    • 1 box underneath the stairs in the water pump room after Dr. Branden's Lab.
    • 1 box in the second bed in the charred room after the water pump room. Research Log 6 is also found in this room.
    • 1 box in a locker in the Locker Rooms, women's section.
    • 1 box in the electric water puddle after escaping the train. Charon's Log 6 is also found here. The electrical switch is upstairs.
    • 1 box inside the gas filled room of the tunnel connecting GeoPharm Labs to the Airfield. Can be taken without the Gas Mask if you are fast enough.
  • Underwater Labs DLC, hatch near GeoPharm Labs.
    • 2 boxes inside the first office room. The room is on the right, encountered naturally after descending through the hatch.
    • 2 boxes inside the closed room after the second Siren encountered.
    • 1 large box inside the room containing the Assault Rifle, on the ground floor, near the middle of the room, near the bending point of the wall opposite of the stairs leading to the assault rifle.
    • 1 small box and 1 large box near the exit of the assault rifle room, on the right of the exit, behind a forklift.
    • 4 boxes in a side room, after drowning go through a vent and up the ladder. The room is on the left.
    • 2 small boxes and 2 large boxes underneath the stairs, in the room containing many barrels and a Siren.
    • 2 small boxes and 1 large box in the observation lab with electric switch to electrocute a Spitter (go right after the room with many barrels).
    • 2 boxes in the room with 2 engines and 2 Dwellers, behind a pallet in the second room.
    • 1 small box and 1 large box in the hidden vent area of the room with 2 engines and 2 Dwellers, guarded by a Butcher and Infected. Ronald's Log 4 is also in this room.
    • 2 small boxes and 1 large box behind a forklift in the room after the vent section, before squeezing through a door.
    • 2 small boxes and 1 large box in the 'whale room', underneath the stairs.
    • 1 box at the far away end of the catwalk in the 'whale room', where a spitter spawns.
    • 6 boxes in the tool storage room after the 'train ride'. The tool storage room is on the right, at then end of the hallway.
    • 5 boxes in the last bedroom after the 'train ride'. A butcher is present in the bedroom as well.
    • 4 boxes in the corner of the top floor of the aquarium room containing 3 Dwellers.
    • 6 small boxes and 3 large boxes scattered around the vault room area preceding the final area.
  • Staff Village
  • Marina (Ammo does not spawn during Mission 3 - Echoes)
    • 3 boxes at the Docks, near the green van where a Butcher is eating.
    • 1 box at the Docks, near the water side, behind the blue container. The Scratched Crown Bobblehead is also found here.
    • 2 boxes at the beach end of the Docks beach part. a DLC hatch is also found here.
    • 1 large box below the Marina DLC hatch, behind a box in the water filled room.
    • 1 box in the Staff Office, on a desk in the raised office room.
  • Inside Cliff's mind
    • 1 box at the encounter before the train bridge.
    • 1 box on the table near the first red orb.
    • 1 box in between the second and third red orb, on the right. A butcher and some infected will spawn in this little side area as well.
    • 1 box on the bottom walkway after the third red orb (where Xian Mei spawns twice).
    • 1 box to the right of the lab spawn after the Tom Calo scene.
    • 1 box in front of mutant Aaron.
    • 1 box on the broad part of the walkway after the red orb.
    • 2 boxes on the table before the arena.
    • 4 boxes in the arena, each box disappears after each phase:
      • Linda phase: 1 box on the left side of the arena.
      • Kimbell phase: 1 box on the left side of the arena.
      • Aaron phase: 1 box on the right side of the arena.
      • Devan phase: 1 box on the left side of the arena.


  • Purna is the best choice if going for firearms, as one of her skills allows her to carry a maximum of 5 extra shotgun shells, as well as collecting more per ammo box.
  • If you edit the save file using an external program (such as a save editor) or by editing the raw source file, the maximum amount of Shotgun Ammo that the Hero can carry in Riptide, when the firearms Weapon proficiency is maxed out, is 589,830 shells.

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