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For the weapon of the same name featured in Escape Dead Island, see Shotgun (Escape).
For the weapon of the same name featured in Dead Island 2, see Shotgun (Dead Island 2).

The Shotgun is a firearm featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by various Merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies.


As with any shotgun type, the Shotgun is a short ranged firearm, featuring extremely good close range damage which swiftly drops off at longer distances. Whilst its damage isn't quite as high as the Short Shotgun, it is still one of the best close range weapons in the game, and with a high weapon spread which allows it to hit multiple zombies at once. With a shot capacity of 8 rounds compared to the 6 of the Short Shotgun, the Shotgun is excellent for dealing with hordes of Walkers and Infected, where it can kill multiple with one shot if getting a headshot. Like any shotgun, its accuracy is poor at anything beyond close range. After each shot the weapon needs to be pumped and it has a slow reload speed, requiring each shell to be loaded individually, meaning if swarmed it's best to switch to a different weapon, and hitting fast enemies can require some practice due to the slow rate of fire. Aiming at legs is a good tactic with a shotgun, as it has a high chance to cut off a leg, which will instantly kill any zombie regardless of its remaining health, and is especially potent again enemies such as the Thug. Also due to being a shotgun, it is excellent in close quarters environments such as houses and buildings, especially in Moresby or Henderson.


As a Shotgun, it can accept all the shotgun mods:



  • A white 'common' rarity Shotgun can be found in Riptide in the Old Town Cinema, on the body in the ticket booth.
  • A Shotgun is given out as a reward in Riptide for completing the main quest The Tunnels.
  • Several merchants can sell Shotguns:
  • The Shotgun can be reloaded much faster than the Short Shotgun. Depending on choice, it is wise to use this instead of the short variation.
  • Shotguns have a high amount of physical damage.
  • The Shotgun can be found with different appearances for aesthetic purposes.
  • Besides instantly destroying their head, the Shotgun can also be used to destroy a zombie's leg, which is also automatically fatal regardless of their total health. However, zombies wearing body armor cannot have their legs shot off.


  • The shotgun has two different models. One is modelled after a Remington 870 Police Folder/TOZ-194 whilst the other is a Franchi SPAS-12 (with or without stock).
  • In the Dead Island Begins trailer, the shotgun had an extremely exaggerated 1st person view.
  • The shotgun's pump slightly hovers above Sam B's hand.
  • The headshot is an instant kill, but unlike the curb stomp, it does not do a large amount of damage. The zombie will clearly take only a few hundred damage but will die anyway.
  • The Shotguns sold by Wes Tweddle are SPAS-12 modeled.
  • Animation glitch: when any type of shotgun is fired the shell ejects before the pump is worked.
  • Although Shotgun ammo can be found near enemies no enemy in the game will ever use a shotgun, possibly due to the fact they are hard to kill.