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The Shocking Walker is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Walker found all across Los Angeles.


Alongside Shocking Runners, Shocking Walkers are former electricians who have had their bodies exposed to electromagnetic fields at the time of turning. This has re-engineered their bodies on a cellar level to make them highly charged with electricity. This constantly subjects gadgets on their toolbelts to high voltage, resulting in large novas of electricity. As such, Shocking Walkers are immune to shock damage. Should they touch any water, they will immediately discharge electricity. If they stay in a pool of water for an extended period of time, they will discharge electricity rapidly.

Shocking Walkers behave in a similar manner as normal Walkers. They are slow and will attempt to bite and grab players if they get too close. They should be killed as soon as possible before they can discharge electricity. Should a player be caught in it, they will be inflicted with shock damage and will rapidly deplete health. Once killed, players should immediately retreat as the Shocking Walker's body will release one final discharge of electricity. Like other Walker variants, Shocking Walkers are weak against other forms of damage and their limbs can be severed easily. Players use Shocking Walkers to inflict shock damage on nearby zombies. The Chem Bomb can also be used to soak a Shocking Walker and cause it to discharge electricity from a distance making it effective to use when they are in groups.


Shocking Walkers wear a utility uniform consisting of a dark and light gray set of power company shirt and pants, an orange high-visibility vest with white strips, an orange hard hat, a black utility belt and brown boots. There are numerous charred spots across their clothes and bodies due to the frequent bursts of electricity that they discharge.

Notable Shocking Walkers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Shocking Walker The Shocking Walker was exposed to electromagnetic fields as the Autophage re-engineered it on a cellular level. Mutations build supercapacitance of incredible potential.
Under The Skin Kill 10 Shocking Walkers They are IMMUNE to SHOCK damage, but other zombies near them might not be. To discharge a huge SHOCK, just add WATER!
Sliced To The Bone The highly charged nature of Shocking Walkers constantly subjects the gadgets on their toolbelts to high voltage, until they inevitably overload in SHOCKING explosions.
Deep In The Guts K4.669// +++ Birkeland current propagation +++ T= -va +++ contra-casual infection vector +++ A_nanoid meta-entanglement? +++

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Walk On By
Walk On By 1 Kill 50 Walkers
Walk On By 2 Kill 100 Walkers
Walk On By 3 Kill 1000 Walkers
Zap, Crackle, And Pop
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 1 Kill 10 Shocking zombies
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 2 Kill 50 Shocking zombies
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 3 Kill 100 Shocking zombies