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The Shocking Runner is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Runner found all across Los Angeles.


Alongside Shocking Walkers, Shocking Runners are former electricians who have had their bodies exposed to electromagnetic fields at the time of turning. This has re-engineered their bodies on a cellar level to make them highly charged with electricity. This constantly subjects gadgets on their toolbelts to high voltage, resulting in large explosions of electricity. As such, Shocking Runners are immune to shock damage. Should they touch any water, they will immediately discharge electricity. If they stay in a pool of water for an extended period of time, they will discharge electricity rapidly.

Shocking Runners behave in a similar manner as normal Runners. They are highly aggressive and fast, capable of easily cornering players. They can also dodge heavy attacks and push players back to interrupt attacks. This behavior, alongside their electricity discharge makes it difficult to avoid their electricity. Should a player be caught in their discharge explosions, they will be inflicted with shock damage and will rapidly deplete health. Once killed, players should immediately retreat as the Shocking Runner's body will release one final discharge of electricity. Shocking Runners are weak against sharp and bleed damage and their legs can be severed easily. Players can use Shocking Runners to inflict shock damage on nearby zombies. The Chem Bomb can also be used to soak a Shocking Runner and cause it to discharge electricity from a distance, making it effective to use when they are in groups.


Shocking Runners wear a utility uniform consisting of a gray long sleeve shirt, dark and light gray utility pants, a green high-visiblity vest with white strips, a black utility belt with tool pouches containing various electrical tools such as wire, screwdrivers and a multimeter, and brown boots. There is slight charring of parts of their clothes and bodies due to the frequent electrical discharges that they produce.

Notable Shocking Runners[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Shocking Runner The Shocking Runner has been enhanced for combat: fast, aggressive, hyper-aware, and generating megavolts of SHOCK potential!
Under The Skin Shocking Runners are IMMUNE to SHOCK but WEAK to SHARP and BLEED damage.
Sliced To The Bone Kill 25 Shocking Runners Nothing spoils a Shocker's day more than a big puddle of WATER! Watch it dance the Electro-spasm Fandango in a silent disco of its own making.
Deep In The Guts Kill 50 Shocking Runners When a Shocking Runner is about to discharge, get clear with a DODGE, or JUMP KICK it toward another zombie!

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
A New P.B.
A New P.B. 1 Kill 50 Runners
A New P.B. 2 Kill 100 Runners
A New P.B. 3 Kill 1000 Runners
  • AGILITY+++
Zap, Crackle, And Pop
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 1 Kill 10 Shocking zombies
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 2 Kill 50 Shocking zombies
Zap, Crackle, And Pop 3 Kill 100 Shocking zombies