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Sergio's Phone is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a text exchange between Steve and Sergio, and is the fourth of four collectibles for the Lost & Found quest Missing: Steve. The text exchange reveals Sergio and Steve were working on a show together, but Steve is intent on filming using zombies in place of actors. Sergio pleads with Steve to make his way to safety at the Serling Hotel, while Steve continues to work at Monarch Studios, convincing Sergio to come down to the studio and see him at Jimmy Montana's Trailer. Unfortunately, Sergio did not make it, and can be found as a walker outside of the trailer.


Dropped by the named Walker Sergio at Jimmy Montana's Trailer at Monarch Studios. Whilst completing the Lost & Found quest Missing: Steve, you track him to Jimmy Montana's Trailer. Inside the bathroom is a Walker, Sergio, who will drop this on the ground for collection upon being killed.


You still breathing?
I'm at this hotel in Ocean Ave, trying to capture some of the apocalyptic ambiance to really push the final script. Thoughts?

You know, I've been really struggling to get to sleep lately. Your script might just be a remedy in disguise!

You didn't like it?

Strip it clean! Remove all that laborious emotion and drama until the characters are nothing but walking meat-sacks.

You've lost me...

Then YOU have the reigns.
The Freedom to sculpt their every moment to perfectly mirror your vision.
THIS is the future of television.
[video attached]

Content warning! Fuck. Thank got there's no food in this place, fresh barf is NOT the addition these shoes need.

At least it stirred a reaction...

Get to the Serling Hotel and we can talk. You're going to get yourself killed messing about with zombies...


Okay, I'm sorry -- shot was great, loved it, I swear. Just get yourself over here where it's safe. Alright?


I'm doing a complete re-write of all your characters and their plots.
Recording will begin tomorrow at noon.

Fucking hell Steve

If you want any say in the final direction, get to Jimmy's trailer. Had a little hiccup with the cast, but I'm sure they'll all have calmed down by tomorrow.

I thought you were dead. Even filed a Missing Persons report for your sorry ass!

Cripes. You always were the dramatic one.

Just stay where you are, OK? I'm coming to you.

Sorry I couldn't spend a second longer in that trailer. The STENCH.
Come to my house in the Hills. I have an idea even more revolutionary than the last!

Well if you don't want to be a part of my masterpiece, fine.


I suppose "my" was accurate after all...