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DI2 send home the clowns location

Send Home the Clowns is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectibles possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a text chat log between Butcho the Clown and his manager.




That better not be you I just saw walking into the changing rooms
I told you to go home
I'll be ready for the next show
Get it through your thick skull
You broke a kids head open
I can't control gravity when some brat ruins my act.
Who runs under a spinning barbell??
Little shit got what he deserved
I know what happened! I was there!
If it was the 70s we could make it go away
But now everyone has a smartphone
I am not in the wrong here!
Go home. Keep your mouth shut. Let me handle it
Ignore me again, you're fired
You can't fire me bastard
My face is all over the posters
Butcho is your main attraction
The rides are the attractions
You're just a sideshow
And I can paint your face on any muscle=bound moron with a pair of
big shoes