DI Seek'n'loot
Difficulty Hard
Given By John Sinamoi
Reward 1800 XP, Cash
Task Check the two petrol stations and bring 2 Juice Packs.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous A Piece of Cake
Next Born to be Wild

Seek'n'Loot is a hard quest given to the Hero by John Sinamoi in Dead Island.


This quest is given after A Piece of Cake is completed. The Hero must talk to Sinamoi inside the Lifeguard Tower. Sinamoi explains that the group is running low on food and water and that the canned food from "A Piece of Cake" isn't enough. He asks the Hero to search two nearby petrol stations for juice packs and bring them back to the group.

Upon reaching the Lighthouse Gas Station, which is the closest of the two stations, the two survivors seen in "Ashes to Ashes" are dead, as their safe house has been overrun. There is a Thug in front of the fallen safe house.

There is only one pack of juice inside the failed safe house. The only other things worth checking out (assuming you already got the id) are the weapon chests.

The City Tunnel Gas Station is a bit far off, but with a car, there shouldn't be a problem. When the Hero reaches the City Tunnel Gas Station, the quest "Waterdance" will be received. Completing "Waterdance" will turn off the power, thus getting rid of the electrified water blocking the entrance to the gas station.

Grab two Juice Packs and drive back to the Lifeguard Tower. Place the two Juice Packs in the back of the garage to finish the quest. The spots to place the Juice Packs will be highlighted.


  • You can skip the Lighthouse Gas Station completely, because the City Tunnel Gas Station has more than two juice Packs.
  • You can completely ignore the Waterdance quest by simply hugging the Gas Station wall and reaching the ladder. If you're fast enough, you'll only lose about 3 bars of health. Keep in mind that doing this will be faster but riskier.
  • You can also just park your truck on the side of the gas station next to the shed in the back and climb on top of it.
  • The gas station roof has a Thug and a Walker. They will not attack the Hero while he's climbing the ladder. Lobbing a Molotov Cocktail on the roof before heading up is a good idea anyway since there is limited maneuverability to avoid foes while fighting. An id card is on the roof as well as a Propane Tank.
  • Visiting Sinamoi before placing the Juice Packs into the garage will have him ask the hero if they have visited both petrol stations, but an audio clip with different wording in the voice of Darvin Bark will play instead.

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