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EDI Security office

The outside of the office

The Security Office is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is located on the airfield and likely was for security checks on people/cargo coming in via the airport or on people going to the staff village on foot. Cliff Calo and Xian Mei use the security office as a base while Cliff traverses the staff village to stop the interference and find three keycards to get the main keycard for the GeoPharm labs.


The security office is a large, rectangular building separating the staff village and airfield to foot traffic. The building is made of metal and metal beams with a metal roof, showing that it was built either on a budget or as a non-permanent structure. The GeoPharm logo can be seen on the exterior wall and various GeoPharm boxes are stacked against the side of it.

There's two main rooms inside of the office, one which has a few computer screens and a larger, main security room. The smaller room has a few computer screens, a small keyboard and a bench for people to sit at, presumably so they can wait to be passed by security. There's a potted plant as well as a metal shelving unit which holds some scientific instruments. On one of the far walls is three keycard locks which unlock the main security door. Inside the main security room it is far more lavish and extravagant. There's a whole bank of screens for security cameras across the staff village, a large control panel, various tables and chairs for guards not on duty as well as another bench. One of the tables near the door is a half-eaten cake while other tables have more scientific instruments and equipment on them.


  • When you first get to the airfield, Xian will have to hack open the door to the security office while you protect her. However, there is a keycard lock on it which you can interact with. It requires Faith's keycard which is only accessible from the staff village, which you need to go through the security office to access. It's unknown why they decided to have an interactible keycard reader on the door rather than a purely decorative one.
  • Taking a picture of Xian Mei with the Camera gives Snapshot 3.
  • Taking a picture of the laptop on the desk with the Camera gives Snapshot 43.
  • Taking a picture of the cake with the Camera gives Snapshot 47.
  • Taking a picture of the nameplate sign on the desk in the main security office with the Camera gives Snapshot 62.