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EDI Security Keycard 3

The keycard to be collected

The Security Keycard 3 is an item featured in Escape Dead Island. It is one of the many keycards that can be collected and is used for opening locked doors.


On a Siren that is found on the Tennis Court of the Crown Residence during Mission 6 - Stories of the Dead. The Siren must be killed to acquire the keycard.


The keycard is used along with two other keycards to open the main door to the security office, where the keycard to the GeoPharm Labs is located. It is also used to unlock a door allowing Cliff Calo to get from the tennis court to the bridge and vehicle tunnel quicker, without going back the way he came.


  • This is actually the second security keycard you collect when following the mission waypoints, despite it being keycard 3. As a gondola connects the Helipad to the Crown Residence, it is actually more natural to collect keycard 2 before keycard 3.
  • As with all keycards, after collecting it, it doesn't show up anywhere on Cliff's character model, even when in use.