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Sean is a survivor and Merchant featured in Dead Island: Riptide. He first encountered in the Makeshift Hospitalin Henderson while completing Cecil's first side quest The Darkness. He is found on the second floor with the other survivors and gives the heroes the side quest ER to find a Surgical Toolkit. He will also sell limited supplies to the Heroes as a merchant. After visiting Stan's House and collecting them, Sean will sell more medical supplies amongst other things. Like the other survivors at the Makeshift Hospital, the ending cutscene shows the doors being broken down by a Ram, leaving his fate unknown but presumably he and the others are killed by the invading zombies.


Sean is an older man with black hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a dirty blue shirt, blue dress pants held a black belt, and light grey sneakers. He also wears a gold watch on his left wrist and a single gold necklace. In the Definitive Edition, his hair is grey, his shirt is dirty white with a mint green collar, his pants are light grey, his belt is brown, and his sneakers are red and white.


Note: All of the possible items in Sean's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. He will have a different selection each time you load the game. In addition, some items will only appear after completing his side quest ER.



Mod items[]


  • Sean is one of the few people to sell Stun Guns.