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For the variant in Dead Island: Riptide, see Screamer.
For the similar enemy featured in Escape Dead Island, see Siren.

What you got to remember with these noisy fuckers is that they're never alone for long. If one starts screaming, you got to shut it up before the whole neighborhood swings by! Getting close up is the hard part, cause Screamers have enough power in their lungs to blast you away. But it's worth the trouble, cause it's hard to perform when the crowd's throwing shit at you. I know from experience.
— The Baron of the Dead (from the dead island website)

The Screamer is an Apex zombie in Dead Island 2. A Screamer named Nikki Gutte is encountered at her former home in Beverly Hills. Afterwards, Screamers will appear in hotspots and within crowds of zombies across several areas in Los Angeles.


A Screamer's lungs have mutated to be far spongier than normal human lungs and produce a plasma-induced stream of sonic shockwaves in the form of a loud scream. This scream will force players backwards and slow their movement considerably. Their scream will also force zombies into a frenzy, causing numerous zombies to start spawning and surrounding the player. As zombies will continuously spawn while the scream is performed, Screamers should be killed as quickly as possible. They will actively try to stay away from players while they scream so that zombies can overwhelm them. A scream can be interrupted by hitting them with any projectile such as firearms or Curveballs, as well as striking them with melee weapons or weapon throws. Ability Skills such as War Cry or Dash Strike can also be used to interrupt the scream. If the player is caught within the scream, they can use the Block skill to reduce the slowing effect. Additionally, the Dodge skill can be used to either quickly move towards a Screamer while slowed or to get outside of their scream area. Should a player get close enough to a Screamer, they will swipe and attempt to grab them. However, Screamers are vulnerable to blunt damage. They are also exposed while screaming and any attacks done to them during the scream will drain more stability. Bulldozer-class weapons are often specialized in this. Screamers can be identified early by their low wailing when unalerted, allowing players to avoid them or attack without sending nearby zombies into a frenzy.


Screamers can be identified as thin women who have lost their lower jaw and are covered in blood, possibly from ripping out their own throats. Their windpipe and the back of their throat is exposed. This lack of flesh extends from their necks down to their upper rib cage, which is missing several ribs. By having an open chest and broken ribcage, their mutated lungs now have much more room to inhale air for them to let out their piercing screams. A Screamer's fingers are elongated and feature long fingernails for ripping through flesh. Depending on the area of Los Angeles, Screamers feature a variety of attire such as dresses and roller blading gear.


Notable Screamers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Screamer A Screamer's voltaic lungs produce a plasma-induced stream of sonic shockwaves. These sonic maelstroms are strong enough to force you backwards, and will annoy other zombies into a frenzy!
Under The Skin Kill 10 Screamers A scream attack can be interrupted by an impact from a thrown MELEE weapon, or any other PROJECTILE attack.
Sliced To The Bone The Screamer is brittle as a bird and weak to BLUNT damage. Use a BLOCK in its sonic maelstrom to feel a little less like you're wading through molasses.
Deep In The Guts Screamers are EXPOSED while screaming. Your attacks will drain more stability.

Combat Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Shut Up
Shut Up 1 Interrupt 5 Screamers while they are screaming
Shut Up 2 Interrupt 15 Screamers while they are screaming
Shut Up 3 Interrupt 25 Screamers while they are screaming

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Quiet In The Neighborhood
Quiet In The Neighborhood 1 Kill 10 Screamers
Quiet In The Neighborhood 2 Kill 25 Screamers
Quiet In The Neighborhood 3 Kill 50 Screamers