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"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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You heard a distress call sent from the LA 24 News offices in Ocean Avenue. Maybe some survivors are still alive in there?
— quest description

Scooped! is a side quest given to the Slayers by Esta Navarro in Dead Island 2. Trapped inside the building with her co-workers, something has gone wrong and Esta needs the Slayers help to find her co-workers and discover what else is lurking in the offices.


While walking past the LA 24 News offices, a distress call is heard over the radio from survivors trapped inside. The Slayers find their way inside by breaking through a window on the second floor and climbing up some scaffolding. Once inside, the Slayers make their way to the news studio and find Esta Navarro and her colleague, Nora. Esta reveals they barricaded themselves in the studio after being cut off from the rest of their co-workers after a lock down was initiated for unknown reasons. The Slayers are tasked with restarting the LA 24 News servers in the basement in order to lift the lock down.

After making their way to the basement, the Slayers are able to restart the servers and lift the lock down, granting them access to the rest of the building. The last known location of Esta and Nora's co-workers were in the conference room. Heading there, Esta warns the Slayers about hearing strange noises coming from outside the studio and asks them to hurry up. Upon reaching the conference room, however, the rest of Esta and Nora's coworkers are found dead, viciously ripped apart after trying to barricade the door. The Slayers quickly make their way back to the studio, only to find Esta and Nora locked in the control booth, with a butcher eating a recent kill. After defeating the first butcher, two more show up and are quickly dispatched by the Slayers. Now temporarily safe, Esta and Nora are convinced to make their way to the Serling Hotel safe house.


Find and help the survivors in the LA 24 News office in Ocean Avenue
Reach the second floor window by climbing on the scaffolding at the side of the building. Break the glass and jump through onto the knocked over vending machine.
Tell the survivors that help has arrived
After jumping through, walk down the hallway to the front lobby. Find the security card on the the security guard and unlock the door to make it over to the studio. After talking with Esta and Nora, the Slayers will be told to reboot the servers in the basement.
Find the servers in the basement
Exit out of the studio through the door to the right of Esta and Nora and follow the hallway to the stairwell. Go down the stairs and follow the corridor all the way into the server room.
Reboot the basement servers
There are three terminals, hold the action button to reboot each one, one at a time. The third terminal will be the one that reboots the servers.
Hightail it to the second floor conference room
After hearing noises, run all the way up to the second floor through the now open security doors. After exiting the stairwell, turn around and follow the hallway around to a junction. Turn right and go in the door to the conference room.
Save Esta and Nora before it's too late!
Everyone else is dead, quickly run back to the studio. After exiting the conference room, use the unlocked security door to the right to enter the studio from the upper door.
The "thing" is a Butcher! Kill it!
In front of the news desk is a butcher, kill it.
Oh shit! More Butchers incoming!
After the first dies, two more will make their way in. Kill them both.
Check on Esta and Nora
Speak to Esta to complete the quest and inform them about the Serling Hotel safe house.


  1. LA 24 News Crew's Plan - On top of the reception desk in the lobby.
  2. Zompocalypse Assignments - On the coffee table in the lobby lounge.


  • This mission will become available when returning to Ocean Avenue after completing Boardwalking Dead.
  • This mission is "found" while walking past the LA 24 News offices and hearing the radio transmission.


  • Before this mission is found, the outdoor news ticker reveals there are possible survivors in the building.
  • Esta Navarro is recognized by the Slayers during their first meeting.