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Saw Disc Hanbo

Applied to a Hanbo

The Saw Disc Axe Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. When used at a Workbench, the mod adds very heavy bleed damage and a bleed critical to certain blunt weapons.


The mod is somewhat of a late game mod, acquired in the Mingende Jungle during Act III, however it can be worth it for the damage it offers. The quest to get it is very easy to do and gives pretty good damage for not much input. The mod itself is relatively light on mod parts needed, with just 6 in total which are easy to come by other than perhaps Clamps, though its cash requirement is relatively high at $1,000. It does exactly what it says on the tin, though, which is add a saw blade and turns your weapon into an axe. The blade adds decent extra damage and the bleed effect it gives can quickly drain a zombie of its health, allowing you to one shot a Walker or Infected if you crit. Speaking of, it has one of the highest crit chances a mod can get (outside of Developer's Crafts) at 6%, making it very effective on high health enemies such as Thugs or Wrestlers. Visually, it adds a large round saw blade to the end of the weapon which is static, held in place by metal and bolts.

For Riptide, the mod is acquired at roughly the same place in the story, during the game's effective 'act III', but it allows application to the Shovel and its variants, making it applicable to a single sharp weapon on this otherwise blunt weapon mod. It also gets an addition 2% critical chance, increasing it from 6 to 8%. Nothing else was changed about the mod however.

The weapon has few downfalls to its name. The major one is its limited scope of weapons, only being applicable to the Baseball Bat and its derivatives as well as a couple of other blunt weapons. If these weapons are not on hand to be modded, the mod is useless due to its limited scope, however the addition of the shovel in Riptide being applicable makes the mod a little more useful for Xian Mei, who would otherwise find it useless due to it only being applicable to blunt weapons. It is also relatively expensive at $1,000, which can make it a little costly for characters who either struggle to get cash or loose a lot on death, but it's not the most expensive mod out there.


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Follow my instructions carefully. I know it may sound complicated, but in the end you'll be rewarded with a vicious weapon that will allow you to slaughter the undead like helpless cattle.
In Dead Island, the mod is obtained from Paul at the Overpass Camp as a reward for completing the side quest Second Aid.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is located inside the Safe House that unlocks at the Henderson Ferry Station after completing the main quest The Ferry.
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Saw Disc Axe Mod



  • When applied to the weapon, the name becomes 'Sawdisc [WEAPON]', e.g. Sawdisc Shovel or Sawdisc Hanbo.


  • On Steam, Home Run is listed twice.