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Saving Holy Man is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Jackson in Dead Island: Riptide.


The player must go to the Dead Zone in Halai Village to find a missionary called Marcus Villa.


  • The quest automatically starts upon nearing the Halai village safehouse. Talk to Jackson to advance it.
  • He suggests finding a missionary named Marcus Village to get help getting to Henderson. According to Jackson he knows the island 'like the back of his hand'.
  • Luckily, he's close by within the village itself, so it's not far to go. He's located in a dead zone just to the north. Head over to it and enter the dead zone. There's a Thug and some Walkers on your way, but they're not much of an issue.
  • There's a small room as a sort of 'airlock' between the dead zone and Halai village, so use it to heal up and get ready to fight the mass of undead inside.
  • There's a whole lot of enemies inside, notably a load of Walkers in the flooded lower courtyard, a group of Infected that will sprint at you from the room opposite and the most dangerous of the enemies there, Joe 'Ogre' Somare.
  • Joe is a Butcher, so he's already deadly but this one does a lot more damage and has a lot more health.
  • Kill the Infected across the way, then use some throwables to kill the Walkers in the courtyard below. Once they're all dead, choose the most damaging weapon you have and kill Joe.
  • Marcus is in a fenced off area in the courtyard below, so go over and talk to him. The quest completes upon the death of the last zombie.


  • Three Metal chests can be found in the upper room at the back of the dead zone.
  • Another two metal chests are found in the room before entering the area.
  • Next to the Dead Zone area is a tall water tower, the same as is scattered over Halai. It allows a view into the courtyard, and if you have a powerful firearm such as a Sniper Rifle, you can headshot Ogre to avoid having to fight him close range. This also allows you to kill all the Walkers and Infected from a safe distance.
    • This is only possible on a second playthrough, however, as the first Sniper Rifle is only acquired later on in the game when you reach the Pinai Ferry Station.
  • Because the dead zone boss is a Butcher, using throwables on him is not a good idea, as he'll regenerate health over time.
  • There's a workbench in the house before you enter the courtyard. Use this to repair and craft throwables for this dead zone.