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Jesuit Missionaries arrived soon after the founding of Henderson and established a mission in the central highlands to educate the indigenous tribes. Just as the Jesuits did in China and South America, they sought to evangelize the native population. They founded a settlement and hoped to gather local tribes and convert them to Christianity. Using native labor, they put them to work growing food and raising livestock. Some of the local shamans felt that the Jesuits were trying to steal their souls and convinced their warriors to fight back and free their people. All the priests were murdered and the mission itself was razed to the ground. Only the ruins remain. The Japanese used what was left of the mission to create a command base during World War 2.
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Dir-Santa-Maria-Mission 001

Ruins of the Santa Maria Mission.

The Santa Maria Mission is a safe house featured in Dead Island: Riptide. After the Paradise Survival Camp was razed by Marcus Villa, the Heroes and the Survivors were forced to relocate. In order to avoid another attack from Marcus, the Survivors first relocate to Halai Village and to the ruins of the Santa Maria Mission which they later fortified using Miniguns from a crashed B.I.D.F. helicopter north of the mission. While water was being pumped out of the passageway to the abandoned Japanese tunnels, the mission was attacked by a horde of Zombies. After surviving the horde and pumping out all the water from the passageway, the Heroes explored the tunnel to ensure it was safe for the Survivors to use in order to reach Henderson. Once the tunnels were secured, the Survivors relocated and the mission was abandoned.


The Mission building is in a large clearing of the jungle. Because of the recent monsoon, the area is more flooded than normal. There are many pockets of water across the clearing, as well as good boat access at the entrance. Various trees and foliage are dotted around the outside, with multiple access ways, varying from climbable cliff faces to pathways you can walk through.

The Mission building itself is made from stone, very run down due to when it was razed and its subsequent abandonment to the jungle. The roof is non-existent, having been likely destroyed when the building was razed. The stonework is chipped and crumbly, with many walls having collapsed due to time and the encroaching jungle foliage. The back area of the building has basement access to the Tunnels, installed by the Japanese during their occupation. The stone stairway to an upper floor is still intact, and you can walk around a small amount of what remains of the first floor.


  • Two Metal chest can be found on the ground floor of the mission.
  • A Workbench is found under the stairs up,
  • It is very easy to reach Pierre's Magasin from here and vice verse.
  • It's possible to access the Japanese Tunnels again from the Santa Maria Mission if you missed a collectible, mod, or wanted to run through the area again.
  • Once cleared, it will remain a safe house, even after the group has moved on to Henderson. No zombies will spawn and any lured here will wander off.
  • When fast travelling back to the Santa Maria Mission from Henderson after reaching it, Logan and John will spawn at the Mission but none of the other NPCs. They will also be shouting their dialogue as if you're still in the siege defence missions.
  • The miniguns will also remain in their mountings, despite being taken with the group when they leave.
  • In addition, the mud pump will be making noises like it's trying to turn on, even though no-one else is there and the entrance already being pumped clear.

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  • The Santa Maria Mission made its first appearance in the unveiling of Dead Island: Riptide's alpha build gameplay.