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"Saddle Up for Santa Monica" is the eleventh story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


The slayer returned to Emma Jaunt's mansion in Bel-Air, but Michael Anders, having been bitten, transforms into a zombie. For killing him, Jaunt expelled the slayer from the mansion, refusing to accompany them to Santa Monica.


Successfully returning Michael Anders to safety, the slayer returned to Bel-Air to bring Emma Jaunt's group to Santa Monica. However, it was revealed that Anders had been bitten retrieving the Romero. Eventually, he became a zombie himself, and the slayer was forced to kill him. For doing so, Jaunt expelled the slayer from her mansion, refusing to join them in Santa Monica.


  • Get back to Emma's. Leave the house. Using the same path used to reach Beverly Hills, return to Bel-Air. Reach Emma Jaunt's mansion.
  • Get Emma and her "entourage" ready for the dangerous journey to Santa Monica. Enter the mansion. Andrea will direct the Slayer to the gym where Emma is located. Enter the gym.


  • This portion of the storyline introduces the following: