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Sacred Silence is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Mother Helen in Dead Island.


Mother Helen tasks the Heroes will killing the zombie Frank in the bell house and turning off the bells which are attracting zombies from across Moresby.


  • This is an easy quest to complete.
  • Talk to Mother Helen to start the quest, or at least, listen to her talk.
  • She ask the Hero to break into the back room, where Frank has locked himself in, and turn off the bells that are attracting zombies to the Church.
  • Open the door and enter the back room with Frank and the bell controls.
  • You cannot get back to the vestibule (where the altar is) until you kill Frank, so only enter the room when you're prepared.
  • Use whatever strategy you want to kill him. He's just a normal Thug, albeit named. This doesn't change his properties, however, he's just a normal Thug but with a name.
  • After killing him, loot the room and take the key off his body.
  • Go to the control panel on the back wall, next to the door which can't be interacted with.
  • Open the panel and push the button to stop the bells.
  • You can now use the door you entered through again, so walk back out and talk to Mother Helen to finish the quest.


  • Without entering the room, prepare a powerful projectile weapon such as a Molotov Cocktail or Deo-Bomb. Open the door, throw the projectile, and then immediately close the door. Watch the red skull in the mini-map to know where Frank is.
  • Even if he is not dead, he should be softened up for easy killing with strong thrown weapons.
  • There are no other zombies with him, so just kill him and continue the quest.
  • Frank is no stronger than a normal Thug, so deal with him using the same strategies as you would any other Thug.
  • There's fruit in a crate next to the door you entered through if you need health during the fight.
  • There's also fruit on the bench out in the hallway just before the door to enter the bell tower, so make sure you use it to fully heal if needed.


  • Some of the survivors will continue to hold their ears even after the bells have stopped until the main quest Drop by Drop is completed (and possibly even after).
  • Once this quest is completed several side quests become available.

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