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You want me to do what? Seriously?!
— Ryan

Ryan is one of the six slayers featured in Dead Island 2. He is a male stripper dressed as a firefighter who became trapped in Los Angeles, California during the outbreak.


There’s much more to this exotic dancer than rippling pecs. Ryan has a stubborn streak a mile wide, pessimistic sarcasm as dry as the Sahara, and an indomitable heart. He’s on a mission to get back to his little brother, left behind in Fresno before the outbreak, and nothing – alive or dead – is going to stop him getting home.
— His description from the Dead Island website


Ryan is a large, buff man in his late 20's to early 30's, with blue eyes, short brown hair, a small moustache and stubble. He wears a navy blue 'Los Angeles Fire Department' T-shirt, light brown protective pants, and yellow and white boots. He also has a dark striped wrist wrap on his right hand and a light green brown gray bracelet on his left hand.

Currently there are three available skins for Ryan:

  • Sexy Dept (Default Outfit)
  • Doc Sausage (Hell-A Catwalk Collection)
  • Infernal Check (Til' Dawn Collection)
  • Juggalo Gyrator (From Dusk Collection)


Ryan has two innate skills:

  • Retaliation - Ryan gets a moderate FORCE boost when using BLOCK or DODGE to avoid an attack.
  • Seesaw - Ryan regains HEALTH each time he knocks down a zombie.

Other unique skills to Ryan are:

  • Steadfast - BLOCK multiple attacks in succession to gain a stacking BOOST to TOUGHNESS and FORCE.
  • Warhead - DROP KICK causes an explosion that drains the STAMINA of nearby zombies.
  • Far From Done - Blocking or taking damage gives a DAMAGE BOOST. This can stack multiple times.


  • On the slayer tarot cards included with the Hell-A edition of Dead Island 2, Ryan is depicted as The Tower.
  • Ryan was the third slayer to receive a 'meet the slayer' video, after Jacob and Amy.
  • It is unknown if he is the same Ryan who was set to appear in the canceled 2014 Dead Island 2, as in the opening scene, he could be seen disguising as a firefighter as a likely reference to his original counterpart.
  • Ryan started up his own stripper company called 'The Big Hose'.
  • The skill card for Blood Rush and Invigorating show Ryan as a snake monster with a snake head and long snake arms. There is no enemy like this in the game whatsoever.
  • Ryan has a key chain tag with the name 'Big Bro' on it.
  • He is the fourth character named Ryan in the Dead Island series.
  • Ryan is so eager to leave Los Angeles and get home to his little brother who was left alone. The player never gets any quest that helps Ryan contact his brother.
  • It is unknown if Ryan has any other family, but since he seems to only mention his brother and wanting to get home to see him, his brother might be his only family.
  • Ryan is the only slayer who is frightened in the character menu selection.
  • He never says his quote from the character selection menu in the actual game.
  • A character render of Ryan shows him holding a cup of coffee which implies he might enjoy the drink.
  • During the opening, Ryan runs past Bruno and sits with Amy in a bus.
  • Amy is the only one who knows Ryan isn't a real firefighter.
  • Ryan seems to like Michael Anders, his dialogue always concerned about Michael's being or want to know him more while he's looking for him, his reaction to Michael was heartbroken, when he saw Michael is turning along with Emma Jaunt.
  • Doc Sausage Ryan and the knife that comes with it is a reference to Doc Savage. The pack name being called Jungle Fantasy might also be a reference to the original Dead Island where the slayers go to the jungle.
  • Ryan likes burgers and even wonders if there is a burger joint around Ocean Avenue.
  • He references a line said by Kitty from Dead Island: Riptide "Go to the city, they said. It'll be fun, they said. And now where are they? Dead." Only part of it is changed to be about being a stripper.
  • Ryan mentions he keeps his vinyl records collection safe at home, which implies he might like listening to very old music. Or he just likes keeping any music on vinyl.
  • Ryan from the 2014 canceled Dead Island 2 kills the jogger with a mace. Ryan from the new Dead Island 2 never meets the jogger, instead Jacob is the one to kill the jogger by blowing them up to pieces or burning them.
  • It is theorized that the bracelet Ryan has on his left hand was given to him by his brother.
  • It isn't stated how old Ryan's brother is, but Ryan calls him little and mentions that he was only supposed to be gone for a couple of days. This tells us his brother might be a child or a teenager that can't be on their own for too long.
    • It is revealed in the Haus DLC that Ryan's brother is special needs, and because of that, Ryan need to take care of him, and thus feels that he is a burden.
  • Ryan and his brother live in Fresno, California.
  • Fans of Dead Island 2 find Ryan's dialogue and reactions to certain situations the most realistic out of all the slayers.
  • Ryan is a stripper who dresses up in costumes and does erotic dances on stage, but he might also have sex with people in exchange for money. Pink handcuffs, spanking paddles, and a can of whipped cream is dumped out Ryan's suitcase in the opening of Dead Island 2, implying this.
  • Ryan was apparently never invited to any weddings.
  • After killing all the zombies at the arcade, Ryan will say "RYAN... WINS!" which is a reference to the Mortal Kombat games.
  • Ryan mentions he loved playing the game TimeSplitters in the arcades back then.
  • While heading through the train tunnels, he will sometimes say that he hopes his brother is doing alright.
  • After completing a quest to look for the brother of Rosa who is missing, she will apologize for it, but Ryan will say he understands because he has his own brother he needs to get back to.
  • Ryan pretends to be a firefighter to get a spot on the evacuation flight, but his helmet clearly shows "Sexy Dept." on it and it is unknown how the guards did not see that.