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The Royal Palms Resort, more commonly referred to as just the Hotel, is a luxurious five-star hotel located on Banoi Island. The Hotel has also been used for illegal activities and money laundering.


"Nestled in the hills above the most pristine white sand beaches in the South Pacific, the Royal Palms Resort offers every luxury. The acclaimed architecture of the five-star resort blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of Banoi Island, a wild and untamed atoll off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The Royal Palms Resort offers exceptional service and every modern amenity. The 127 spacious, climate-controlled rooms offer a spectacular view of either the jungle highlands or the Pacific Ocean. All the first-class accommodations offer a private balcony or a patio where the guests can enjoy a cocktail and enjoy warm, equatorial breezes scented with the heady perfume of rare tropical blossoms."


It appears that the majority of the hotel guests were caught off guard as the outbreak spread, since pools of blood, discarded luggage, half-eaten corpses and crashed vehicles litter the entrance and road up to the main building. The grounds at the front of the Hotel are very grand, with water features, a large pool, various benches and an oval loop for coaches to drop off and pick up passengers. There's a road that slopes down to the underground car park, which is blocked off by a large metal door, preventing vehicles from entering or exiting the car park until it is unlocked remotely. There are a lot of zombies covering the area, with the hotel having the highest zombie population per meter in the entire Resort area. There are Walkers all over the area, with scattered Thugs and Suiciders appearing later after first meeting them. After the main quest Born to be Wild is completed, Infected will also constantly spawn in the Hotel grounds, making it far more dangerous to traverse.

The back of the Hotel is covered in swimming pools, water slides and bars for people both staying in the Hotel and surrounding bungalow districts. There are underground toilets up against the main Hotel building with a maze of pathways leading through the pool areas to the beach, which is dotted with bungalows.

The Hotel building itself is very large and grandiose, with beautiful curves and many of the rooms at the ends of the Hotel having balcony areas to sit outside on chairs. The Hotel is split into 2 buildings of different sizes. The large having around 24 floor (counting each row of windows plus the lobby level). The smaller one has around 14 floors (counting the lower level). There's a large Royal Palms logo on the outside of the Hotel, with numerous entrances at the base of both buildings. Several walkway bridges connect the two buildings, with a seating area containing benches and water features in the middle of the buildings.

It is expansive inside, with countless bedrooms, a large indoor swimming pool, sauna area, large restaurant and bar as well as many floors of underground parking. In the lobby there are many different shops selling all sorts including wines, nick-knacks and information, along with several offices. Towards the top of the building there is a large security floor, with a massive server room, CCTV and remote door controls all across the Hotel, including a speaker system.

Emergency broadcast system message[]

During the prologue inside the Hotel, after exiting your room, you can hear an emergency message being repeatedly broadcast over the speaker system. The full transcript of the system is below:

This is Hotel emergency broadcast system. Please leave your apartment immediately. Follow signs to the nearest staircase. For safety reasons, all elevator are off-line. Please remain calm and follow the instructions of the Hotel personnel.


Known Employees[]



  • Roger Howard was investigating the Hotel for money laundering when the infection happened.
  • It can be assumed from the intro cinematic that the infection started in the Hotel before spreading to the rest of the Resort. How it got to the Hotel is unclear, but it could be from any number of sources.
  • You can collect a keycard from a dead body next to the Hotel entrance, the same one you use during the main quest Bird on the Roof. This will start the side quest Gold Digger.
  • You can occasionally see the Resort being advertised on billboards across Moresby. A website link, www.banoiholidays.ban, can be seen, but this doesn't lead anywhere.
  • The hotel grounds is a good spot for the player to amass money even early on in the game as most of the luggage’s found around the hotel contain a good amount of cash.


  • The Royal Palms Resort has the same design as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.
  • The Country Beach Bar is a club located on the beach as part of the resort, and is where Sam B, Purna and Logan are when the outbreak occurs. Sam B is singing Who Do You Voodoo on the stage while Logan and Purna watch the show.



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