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Rotting Flesh is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by an unnamed scientist in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the stockroom and collect tissue samples from the two volunteers, Nick and John.


  • Talk to the scientist to start the quest. He's in the operating room at the very end of the Lab.
  • He wants you to retrieve some tissue samples from two volunteers who were infected. They're located in a bungalow away from the Lab.
  • Head out the main reception and get in the Jeep outside. Drive up the hill to the bungalows and park on the metal bridge just before the top. The volunteers are located in one of the two bungalows near the cliff edge.
  • Get out the car after killing all the zombies attracted to you and head down the slope. There's usually a Butcher near the metal bridge, as well as some Infected, so stay in the car to kill them.
  • Kill all the zombies around the campfire to secure the area. There's usually a Floater with them, so kill the Walkers first, then deal with the Floater.
  • The bungalow where the volunteers are located is the one of the left, so go inside. The volunteers are, surprising, zombies, and one is locked in the bathroom. Ignore it for now and kill the one in the living room first, then break open the bathroom. Get ready to kick the zombie, as it will grab you if you're too slow.
  • Loot them both to get the tissue sample, then drive back to the Lab.
  • Make your way through the Lab to the scientist to hand over the samples and get your reward, ending the quest.


  • You can't complete this quest if you're currently on the main quest No Time to Talk, as when you return everyone in the Lab will have been killed, causing this quest to automatically fail when you travel to the Lab.
  • You can actually drive your car all the way to the fire in the middle of the two bungalows, meaning you can run over the zombies there without danger. Instead of driving up to the bridge, take a left right after the tree stump. This gives you access to a small path which is just wide enough for the Jeep.
  • You can find Banoi Herald Excerpt 34 in the bungalow, on a table in the bedroom.
  • You can also find ID Card 77 here as well, on the desk in the living room.