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Roses Tattoo is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is a tattoo and piercing parlor located on the Venice Boardwalk.


The tattoo parlor features a black, white, and hot pink color scheme, with black wooden walls and a black and white checker tile floor. The walls are adorned with various gold-framed mirrors, tattoo art, and several neon signs with the name "Los Angeles Tattoo."


  • The Slayers make a stop here when they are completing the missing person quest, Missing: Pablo.
    • Rose will be inside the tattoo parlor when looking for the Need for Needles collectible as part of the quest.
  • After completing the quest, Screamers will spawn outside the tattoo parlor.
  • Both entrances have push-button security gates propped open by debris. Like other push-button gates, allowing the gate to go all the way up will leave them permanently open.


  • The tattoo parlor is located at the corner of Thunderwood Boulevard and Venice Boardwalk
  • Although the outside is branded by "Roses Tattoo," all other interior branding uses the title "Los Angeles Tattoo"