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EDI Rope

The rope how it appears on Cliff's belt after being collected.

Rope is an item featured in Escape Dead Island. You retrieve this item during Mission 3 - Echoes, when you need it to get down to the Marina to look for your friends. It's simply a length of multicoloured climbing rope that is wrapped around for storage.


Inside the concrete building at the entrance to the marina, shortly after starting the mission.


The rope is a very handy item as it helps you get down from places and, later, up to places. It cam only be used in certain places, but these places are well marked out. It can't be used as a weapon, like a whip, nor can it be used to craft anything. It also can't be destroyed or left anywhere.


  • The rope can't break or be left anywhere.
  • It is not used in crafting.
  • The rope seems to be of infinite length, or at least very, very long as Cliff never runs out of rope when he's using it.