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Room Service for Major Booker is the fifth story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Find Major J. S. Booker in Room 307 of the Halperin Hotel to unlock the ballroom.


  • The quest starts with Dr. Reuben Reed requesting survivors to group at the Serling Hotel over the radio in the Ballroom. Meanwhile, Major Booker mentions over the hotel intercom to see 'you'. In the hopes to contact the authorities, you set out to find Major Booker.
  • Find a way through the lobby.
    • Exit the Foyer via the back door. The door is locked however a Runner will burst through it, opening it for you. Kill the Runner and head through.
    • Travel through the terrace to the Halperin Hotel Pool. A trail of blood on the ground leads you to the pool, down a set of stairs and past a load of body bags.
  • Investigate the hotel pool.
    • Various zombies will be dotted around the area, mostly just Walkers. Kill them and investigate the area. The following three clues need to be found to progress:
      • Caustic-X: Several large metal drums containing the industrial alkali can be found around. Interacting with any of them will suffice
      • Sewer: a grate at the rear right of the pool leads to the sewer, where matter from the pool is being pumped into. It is easily spotted as a large pipe leads to it.
      • Pump: a large pump can be found to the left of the pool, used for filling it with Caustic X.
    • Upon interacting with the final object, the Slayer will figure out what the army was doing. They were pumping the pool full of dissolving Caustic-X before pumping it into the Brentwood Sewer for disposal.
    • Major Booker will use the hotel intercom again to inform that 'your lover' was disposed of in the pool and that 'you' can have a dance with Major Booker. Afterwards she begins to sing, which attracts many zombies to your location.
  • Kill 'em all!
    • Zombies will begin to assault the pool via several entrances, whilst others will rise out of the pool itself. Most zombies can be killed by being knocked into the pool, with with a drop kick or some other method. Alternatively, circle the pool and use meat bait on the middle of the pool to lead all the zombies inside. Afterwards, hit the surface of the pool with your electrocutor machete to electrify the water. This will shock all zombies inside, easily killing them. Even the Hazmat Walkers, which are immune to caustic damage, will die from the shock damage.
  • Confront the drunk major in Room 307.
    • After ridding the pool area of zombies, Major Booker will ask room service to bring booze to room 307. The gate on the side of the pool will now be open. Head through it to start making your way to room 307.
    • Follow the path up to the rear entrance of the hotel. Major Booker will again use the intercom. She mentions talking to someone looking like a "white whale", at which point the Slayer will question if Booker is talking to them. A small earthquake will also occur.
    • A Generator will be running as you arrive at the back entrance and a Grenadier Walker will go outside. The grenadier walker explodes due to the electricity, offering as a tutorial that grenadier walkers exploding after being damaged by elemental effects. Turn off the generator and head inside. Climb the stairs leading to the 200s floor.
  • Get up to the third floor.
    • As you move through the 200s floor, Major Booker will challenge 'Bridezilla' to a fight over the intercom. A bit further down, a Walker will launch at you from the closed door on the right. Kick it away and kill it, then continue down the hallway.
    • At the elevator, there will be an obstruction, blocking the way, however the elevator is out of service, so you need to head past the obstruction.
    • Crouch down to go go through it. and past the obstruction you'll find the Chem Bomb Curveball.
    • Equip it and use it to extinguish the fire ahead. A Burning Walker and Burning Runner will come at you from the room to the left, in the fire, so either deal with them quickly or duck back into the obstruction, where they can't hit you, and kill them safely.
    • Once the fire is out, head through the room on the left to avoid the rest of the fire.
    • On the T-split, take the left door into room 204.
    • The elevator up to the 300s floor is directly at the end of the hall, however it is electrified.
    • Attached to the buttons is the Note for Engineer, details that the electrical switch is in the Janitor's Office on the right, which is conveniently a Safe House.
    • Enter the office and kill the power to de-electrify the elevator.
    • Exit the office again and climb up the elevator shaft up to the 300s floor.
  • Find room 307.
    • The third floor of the Halperin Hotel has been damaged by the earthquakes. A Grenadier Walker will greet you at the elevators, so kill it and follow the corridors.
    • A large section of this floor of the hotel is caved in, so enter rooms to find a way through.
    • To the left of the first wreckage is an open room, enter it and crawl through. The blue planks must be destroyed to progress. As you move through the wreckage, Major Booker will once again provoke Bridezilla.
    • The door leading out of Room 305 is locked. Climb into the vent via the bed to circumvent the door.
    • Continue through the vents and take the following turns to reach a new room: right, first right, left, right, right. Jump down into another room. The intercom will be heard once again. Bridezilla has found Major Booker, who stands no chance to defeat her and is killed.
    • 2 Crawlers occupy the ventilation system. Dispatch of them to advance through the vents. An open vent into Room 302 lets you leave the system.
    • Some Walkers, including Grenadier Walkers will great you, so be ready for a fight. Explode the Grenadier Walkers by either hitting its chest or using your electric machete on it to explode the grenades. This will help clear out a large chunk of the zombies there. Kill any that remain to make the area safe.
    • Head into the hallway to make your way to room 307 on the right. Some zombies will occupy the hallway, but only Walkers who can be dealt with easily.
  • Find the Major's keys.
    • In room 307 you will find a trail of blood leading through a broken double door. On the other side of the door you find the battered body of J. S. Booker. The Major's Master Keys are besides her body. Grab them and head out of the room.
  • Unlock the ballroom.
    • After exiting the room, make your way to the elevators.
    • The elevator door is annoyingly closed, and the power cable is torn. However, use a nearby Water Jerrycan to complete the electric circuit by either pouring water or dropping it on the live circuit to explode the can and spread water around. The Chem Bomb can also be used to complete the circuit.
    • However you go about it, the door will open and allow you to drop back down to the ground floor.
    • Exit the elevators and go through the short corridor to the Foyer again, then head to the previously locked armored door.
  • Get on the radio.
    • Pick up the radio to start a conversation with Dr. Reed about your immunity. Dr. Reed will invite your for his vaccine program. Becki will interrupt the conversation by jumping down from the balcony, smashing the wedding cake.
  • Dance with the Bride!
    • Defeat Becki the Bride. She's a large Apex Variant who is slow and tough. Dodge her attacks and jump over her shockwaves to survive.
      • For more in-depth tips on defeating Becki, see Becki Russo
    • After defeating Becki, your conversation with Dr. Reed will continue. The Slayer will state they'll to head to him after they get a team together. The end of this conversation marks the end of this quest.


  • Safe-Deposit Key 33 for some extra parts can be found in the elevator on floor 200.
  • Safe-Deposit Key 14 can be found next to the bed on the 200s floor.
  • Safe-Deposit Key 49 can be found in the vents system directly after entering it. At the first right turn, head straight to find the key.
  • A Disaster Relief Crate can be found in Room 201.
  • Another crate is found through the double doors in Room 302.
  • A Workbench is found in the janitor's office on the 200s floor.
  • Whilst in the janitor's office, head out of the side room and down the stairs to open the rear door out to the front of the hotel. This saves you having to fight all the way through the hotel every time if you want to reach the safe house.
  • The following features are added:
    • Caustic X, a highly-corrosive substance, and its related hazards.
    • Three common zombie variants, Hazmat Walkers, Burning Walkers, Burning Runners and Grenadier Walkers.
    • One curveball, the Chem Bomb.
    • The first apex variant, the Crusher. The first boss, Becki the Bride, is a Crusher.
    • Major Booker dies, killed by Becki the Bride.
    • the Ground Pound technique.


  • The body of Major Booker will not appear in room 307 until her death is transmitted as the player traverses the ventilation system.
  • Although the objective of the mission is to reach room 307, Major Booker and her keys are actually located in Room 309 as a result of the fight between her and Becki the Bride.
  • In the ballroom, if you interact with several of the items dotted around the room before interacting with the radio, you can learn that people were dissolved in the Halperin Hotel Pool alive, after being made unconscious with chloroform.