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Room 309 is a location featured in Dead Island 2 and a room in the Halperin Hotel. The Slayers head here to find Major J. S. Booker, a United States Army major, during the story quest Room Service for Major Booker. The room, and the adjoining Room 307, were turned into a command centre for the evacuation efforts from Los Angeles, with a wall knocked out to accommodate all the equipment. Various computers and communication equipment was placed in the newly created space to co-ordinate the evacuation efforts. When the Halperin was overrun, Major Booker fled to the room to evade Becki Russo, an undead bride seeking her out. Becki found Booker hiding in the room just before the Slayers managed to reach it, killing the major and leaving her corpse in the room.




  • A Workbench can be found next to the bathroom door.
  • Major Booker's body is seen in the middle of the room.
  • The Major's Master Keys are found next to her body on the floor.