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Robert Steele was a survivor featured in Dead Island 2.


He was a celebrity actor living in Los Angeles and husband to fellow actress Emma Jaunt. They married at some point after the 2006 Banoi Island zombie outbreak, but as Emma revealed, their marriage was only for PR purposes and he never genuinely cared about her.

During the zombie outbreak in Los Angeles, Robert attempted to arrange with his agent, James Muldoon, for a privately-chartered flight to evacuate himself from the city. However, in lieu of a strict, non-negotiable civilian no-fly regulation put in place by the US Army, Muldoon instead concocted a deal with Captain Winterburn of the Army to reserve three spots on the evacuation flight Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy departing from LAX that same day for Robert, Emma and Emma's personal assistant, Michael Anders, in exchange for $150, 000.

As 71 Heavy began taking passengers, Robert, Emma and Michael arrived at the airport and Robert paid off Winterburn with the bribe money, allowing the three of them to bypass the standard infection screening protocols and directly board the plane. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Robert was infected, and by the time 71 Heavy had taken off, Robert had turned into a zombie. When a Fangirl tried to take a selfie with him, he attacked her, biting her neck and infecting her. As a result of Robert being undead on the plane, it was shot down by the Army. His undead form likely perished during the ensuing crash. However, this is unconfirmed, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.


Robert was a late middle-aged man with graying hair. He wore a smart black suit with a white shirt and black shoes.


  • Robert's last name may be a reference to the last name of Emma's voice actor, Hannah Steele.
  • Emma talked about Robert shooting her dog named Sam for sleeping on the couch, which implies he hates animals.