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The River Village is a location featured in Dead Island. The Hero arrives in the village alongside Jin during the quest Welcome to the Jungle.

Upon their arrival, the Hero and Jin finds that the village has been completely wiped out by the virus. Later, Afran and his soldiers showed up and looted all what's left of the village.

However, the Hero finds Matutero and Mohakin inside a hut along with other survivor in other huts. The village is littered with bodies. Matutero explains that he will take the Hero and Jin to see Mowen if they help him.


The River Village is constructed like many of the other buildings across Banoi, being constructed of wood and thatch and often built on poles off the ground for when it rains and the floor becomes slippery mud. They are built a lot like the bungalows in the Resort, with a wooden walkway around the outside of them, double doors to enter as well as a single door on two sides of them. The insides are often divided into rooms but without doorways, allowing you to walk around inside them like a giant loop. There's often a bedroom, kitchen as well as living room however others are left open plan with just a large space inside.

The Village itself is built up the hill, with many houses built on the slopes, with walkways across them like bridges. There's around ten buildings scattered across the slope, all of which are connected via wooden bridges to avoid having to touch the ground. Some of them have wooden stairs to the ground while a single, large ramp walkway allows you to get from the road to the buildings above.

There's a couple of spaces for their jeeps near a small workshop are, likely where they kept them repaired and running. There's a wooden gate and small length of palisade across the road where the vehicles are located to try and prevent unwanted traffic from passing through, while two guard towers sat at the other end of the village, but they were destroyed by Afran when he attacked. Along the river they have a fishing hut and storeroom, which has been overrun with zombies and the Heroes need to clear it out so they can use it again. There's also a small pier for docking a boat against.

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  • The two metal chests in the room behind Mohakin seem to be more likely to spawn firearms and will respawn when leaving the area, allowing for easy farming.
  • Storage behind the hut where Matutero is located was often mistaken to be inaccessible until further on the story plot, however if the player walks out of the hut and goes around it, he/she will eventually find a door that will directly lead the player to the storage room, giving access to the two metal chests in the room, as well as a few healing items. This allows the player to farm for weapons and firea
  • rms early in the game.
  • Interestingly, after retrieving Mowen's boat and travelling to the laboratory, if the player fast travels back to the village again, Matutero will be no-where to be found, despite him being the leader of the village.