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River Trip is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Mowen in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the Laboratory and check on the situation there.


  • Talk to Mowen to start the quest. It's the only thing you can do after completing King of the Swamp.
  • Use the fast travel icon on the boat's steering wheel to travel to the Lab dock.
  • Once there, you have two options. The logical, quickest and safest option is to take the jeep under the covered awning to the Lab. The other option is to walk there, but that's a lot slower and dangerous.
  • If walking, you'll encounter A LOT of zombies, including Walkers, Thugs, Infected and Butchers. Make sure you're stocked up and health, weapon and ammo if you're using guns and explosives.
  • If you're taking the car, drive down the road, killing the zombies with the Jeep for a bit of fun.
  • Once you arrive at the Lab, whatever method you took, Will will talk to you over a speaker system. He tells you that you need to kill all the zombies in the foyer before he can unlock the door to let you in.
  • There's three zombies at the entrance and another three inside the reception area. The three at the entrance are pretending to be corpses on the floor, so kill them before they can get up, then kill the other three who are feasting on a corpse.
  • Kill them all and then Will will contact you again to unlock the door.
  • Head through the Lab to reach Dr. West and finish the quest.

Video Walkthrough[]


  • Once at the laboratory, and still on the boat, look right for a drivable truck to bypass all the running.
  • There are also two metal chests at the docks, so make sure to check them before moving on to the Lab. They might have good weapons in them.