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For the weapon with a similar name in Dead Island 2, see Ripper.
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The Ripper Baseball Bat on the ground

The Ripper Mod is a weapon mod featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. The mod adds bleed damage and a bleed critical effect to a Baseball Bat.


The Ripper Mod is arguably one of the better mods available for low level players as it's accessed from the start and can be crafted with just Baseball Bats which are easy enough to find from Metal chests and Merchants around the Resort. While it does have a relatively high amount of parts needed to craft, they can be found plentifully enough from merchants once again or from zombies/containers such as Trash cans and Duffle Bags. The mod gives a decent bleed damage effect to the weapon, comparable to other early bleed mods such as the Nail'd Mod and is a good alternative to a Machete. The mod also gives it the ability to cut like a sharp weapon, so it can cut of limbs and heads. This does not make it a sharp weapon, however, so Xian Mei and her skills WILL NOT effect the Ripper Mod. What makes the mod really stand out is the visual look of it when applied to a bat. While something like the Nail'd Mod is cheaper and just as effective, it's nowhere near as striking as the Ripper Mod. Visually it adds a rotating saw blade to the end of the bat which helps increase its range slightly and makes it very fun to use!

In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is effectively the same with no major changes other than to how it works for levelling up Weapon proficiencies. This is a new mechanic added in Riptide where using a certain category of weapon will increase the proficiency level, giving bonuses to damage, stamina usage, etc. A Baseball Bat by itself counts as a blunt weapon and so using it will count towards the blunt weapon proficiency. HOWEVER, when modded with the Ripper Mod, it will count towards the sharp weapon proficiency despite technically being still a blunt weapon. This is good for characters such as Sam B who's guided towards blunt weapons. This allows him to still get the blunt weapon bonuses from his skill tree for the weapon while still levelling up the sharp weapon proficiency. Outside of this, the mod functions as normal.

The drawback to the mod is that upon crafting it, the weapon permanently looses a little durability, making it break slightly faster and require more maintenance than an unmodded version. This can be alleviated by Sam B, who is the best person to use this mod, as he has skills that can increase the damage dealt and decrease durability loss of a modded weapon. The mod also drains stamina a little more than an unmodded bat. The other drawback of this mod is actually the base weapons it uses. Baseball Bats no longer appear after level 24, being replaced by Big or Metal Baseball Bats outside of quest rewards or possibly being sold by merchants, so after levelling up, the base weapons for this mod will no longer be accessible and those that are do not surpass level 24. As such, the mod looses its effectiveness and can't be crafted entirely upon reaching Moresby, as superior bleed mods such as the Glazed Mod are found along with different bat variants and especially when the Saw Disc Axe Mod, Razor Mod or Shredder Mod are acquired which are all usable on the new bat variants. All these mods are usable up to the level cap on weapons that will deal far more base damage than even a fully upgraded Ripper Baseball bat, making it obsolete outside of a 'good luck charm' to keep in the inventory.


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Would you look at that - a baseball bat, a circular saw and a motor; all combined into a killer tool of doom! If you make it the right way you will be able to start massacring those lousy living dead.
In Dead Island, the mod is obtained either through the Special Edition game code, owning the Game of the Year Edition or having Dead Island Definitive Collection.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is located on a very small island treehouse north of the Zimakani Rest, just south of the drug dealer's house visited in the side quest White Line.
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Ripper Mod



  • While the mod is technically available in Ryder White's Campaign due to being in the inventory from the start, it's not possible to craft it without modding the game/save file as several of the mod parts needed do not appear in the campaign unless dropped by a zombie.
  • When applied to the weapon, the name becomes the 'Ripper Baseball Bat'.


  • While kicking or doing other actions, the player might hear the Ripper contact sound effect.