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For the weapon mod of the same name featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Ripper Mod.

The Ripper returns! It was good enough for Banoi and it's good enough for LA. Charge it up and let 'er rip!
— In-game Description

The Ripper is an unreleased type of Bulldozer blunt weapon featured in Dead Island 2. A legendary variant of the Baseball Bat. It comes with a fixed Superior Melee Mutilator Mod featuring an unique sawblade design. Functionally it is identical to a baseball bat with a mutilator mod applied. With the SoLA DLC, the Ripper was fully released to the game, available from a Vending Machine in Grace's Compound.


The Ripper comes pre-modded with a unique Puncturator Mod which can't be changd or removed.



  • The perks Acid Rain, Static Charge, Tear 'N Sear and Infectious show up in the workbench but can never be applied as the Ripper does not allow for the required mods to apply these perks.
  • When performing a heavy attack on a zombie you gain invincibility for the duration of the move, and it can't be interrupted by attacks. If a move is performed on a Grenadier Walker, the zombie will instantly detonate but the player will not take any damage. Furthermore, it will kill/injure any zombie near to it with the explosion and because the move can't be interrupted, the Slayer will continue to perform it in thin air despite the zombie being blown up.


  • The weapon was shown in early promotional material and is even featured on the official steel case where it is being worn by Dani.
  • The description confirms that it's the same thing as the Ripper Mod.