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Riot Shields are a type of special enemy featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They are armoured hostile survivors who carry a Riot Shield for protection. They're first met by Max in stage 1-1 in a small number before appearing in most stages after that.


Riot Shields are slow moving, much like Walkers, but they require more thought as their riot shield protects them from forwards and backwards attacks. Despite their armour, they are no tougher than Walkers without their riot shield and just as slow. Like other enemies, they appear down one of the three rows and do not switch lane.


Riot Shields are fully clad in black armour, with a spiked shoulder pauldron and a gold almost target like emblem on their torso. They have a full helmet on with a lowered visor and a fully armoured lower half that fully encases them. Their riot shield covers their entire front and shows signs of fighting already, being covered in blood and scratches.


Riot Shields hide behind their shield for protection in every situation. Upon seeing a survivor, they will head towards them with the intent on bashing them to death with their shield while being well protected in return. Due to their armour and shield, they are well defended but also slow, meaning a survivor can just run around them. Once their riot shield is hit away, they continue walking in the same lane.


  • Since their shield protects them from the front, an up attack is the best way to get them, as the upwards attack sends their shield up and away, giving an easy way to attack the person behind.
  • Despite their armour, they only take 1 hit to kill without their riot shield, like a Walker.
  • A riot shield enemy can be killed with 3 downwards hits. This prevents the shield from flying away however, thus it cannot be used as projectile.
  • They will die in one hit to a projectile such as a barrel or Thug Head. Their riot shield will however block bullets.


  • Their riot shields can actually be used as a projectile if hit again after being thrown in the air. If hit forwards, they will fly down the same row as Max is currently in. An up attack will send it into the upper lane and a down attack will send it into the lower lane.
  • When a riot shield enemy dies from an explosion, their shield flies towards the player's lane at the time of dead, allowing it to be used as a projectile.
  • When the shield is removed from the riot shield enemy, it can be immediatly kicked to function as projectile, or the player can wait for the shield to fall down again.
  • Starting with a downwards hit allows the player to score 10 more points on a riot shield enemy, since each downwards and upwards hit deals damage to the riot shield enemy but the first downwards attack does not actually damage him.


  • Since their entire bodies are covered, it's unknown if they are actually zombies or not.