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For the other in-game rifles, see Auto Rifle.
For the new rifle type introduced in Dead Island: Riptide, see Sniper Rifle (Riptide).
For the rifle featured in Escape Dead Island, see Assault Rifle.

The Rifle is a firearm featured in Dead Island. The very first rifle the player can obtain on the first walk-through will normally be from Moresby. In Riptide it can be obtained in the Japanese Tunnels.


Single Shot Rifle (AR-15 Carbine)[]

A semi-automatic rifle with a medium fire rate, and high damage and accuracy. Best for long distance, suitable for medium distance, not quite suitable for short distance. Despite being in a single shot firing mode, rounds can be fired about as quickly as one can tap the trigger,

Burst Rifle (M16SP1)[]

Fires bursts of four rounds, with a high fire rate, medium damage, and the highest accuracy rating of all automatic firearms in the game. Best for short and medium distances, not quite suitable for long distance.

Auto Rifle (AK47, AK47U, AK74, AK74U).[]

As the name says, An automatic rifle with a fast fire rate, medium damage, and medium accuracy. Best for Long distances and groups.

Sniper Rifle (Remington 700PSS)[]

Single shot fire, incredibly powerful, capable of taking out multiple zombies with one bullet with a reasonably fast reload. Also has a scope and can be fired across great distances. Can be found on top of a sniper's perch near Pinai Ferry Station on Palanai. Green snipers can also be purchased from a weapons store near Fort Henderson. Here is a video guide showing how to get and where to buy a sniper rifle (Found only in Dead Island: Riptide). Bolt action snipers are extremely powerful. A white Bolt Action Sniper can kill most zombies in one headshot, and up to 3 headshots on a thug.

Semi auto sniper (Norinco NDM-86)[]

The rarest gun in Dead Island with a Massively high damage, single shot with a 5 round mag. it is so powerful it can one shot most special zombies with a headshot and normal with a body shot. It is also VERY loud so it is advised to turn down the game volume if using a headset or earphones. It can only be found somethings being sold at the Henderson Military Bases merchant.



Ryder White's Campaign[]

  • The punk leader at the police station carriers an auto rifle.
  • One more auto rifle is found in a crate at the police station, next to the quest explosives.
  • One is found on a dead body in the sewers.
  • The three punk leaders on the city bridge also have auto rifles.

The Jungle[]

The Prison[]


  • The Rifle reloading action is done with the right hand by holding the gun vertically, removing the magazine, loading a new one and pulling the bolt back with the same hand. Most games use the left hand to reload the gun then pull the slide with the right hand.
  • While all 3 assault rifles share the same ammo pool of 60 rounds, their real-life counterparts actually uses different types of ammo. Both the AR-15 and M16 uses 5.56x45 NATO, but the AK-74 uses 5.45x39 instead.
  • The burst rifle is sometimes shown with a skeletonized stock. While the M16 can not function without a stock/buffer tube, there are AR clones that can, such as the lr300. Similarly, the AR15 can be modified to not require a buffer tube.
  • Single Shot Rifles were the only type of rifle to not make a reappearance in Riptide, as their role was instead replaced with the sniper rifle.