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Richard, also referred to as Richey or just Richard, is the main character of the Dead Island comic published by Dark Horse. Richard lives in Serramonte, California with his longtime friend Marco, where he is an avid player of video games and does drugs with Marco. Richard is employee at GeoPharm, alongside Marco, who is a security guard. Marco was the one who got Richard his job at GeoPharm as a box hauler and delivery boy.

4 days after the outbreak, Marco gets him to take out the trash where he hears his next for neighbor, Mr. Georgescu. Unknown to Richard, he is infected and breaks through the fence. Richard fends him off with a trash can lid and runs into the house, where he tells Marco about the zombies. Marco reveals that he already knows and they decide to escape the house to find the police station and use its guns to kill the zombies.

They fight out of the house and commandeer a child's bike and big wheel before running into Shelly, Marco's girlfriend who reveals that she's infected and so tried to kill herself. When she reanimates and tries to bite Marco, Richard saves him with the big wheel and escapes, dragging the undead Shelly behind them. He later makes it into the GeoPharm lab along with Marco and meet a woman named Lacey.


Richard is a young man with spiked hair but no facial hair or glasses. He's wearing a white t-shirt with a light blue hoodie, blue pants and white sneakers.


  • It's never revealed how Richard managed to get back into the GeoPharm lab as it was meant to be in one of the later issues, which were never released.
  • It's also therefore unknown how he and Marco escape from the undead Shelly, or how they met Lacey.
  • Richard acts as the 4th wall narrator for the comics and promises to tell how he became a hero, but the end of the first issue paints him as the very opposite, something he acknowledges. He promises that he'll make up for that, but the issue ends without showing anything of the sort and the later issues were never released.
  • It's unknown if he's in any way related to Dr. Nguyen who is met in the Laboratory in Dead Island, or if they just share the same surname.