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I'm a police officer. I've been locked in this cell for two days… without food or water. Except for a few, everyone on the force was out trying to restore order. And that's when the raskols came. They wanted somewhere safe, so they took the station.
— Reza, speaking about the Raskols.

Reza is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is located in the Police Station. He is a police officer and was imprisoned by the Raskol gang that took over the station. He can be found inside a cell. He gives the Hero the side quest Imprisoned for Life, in which the Hero must open the cells for those in custody. After being freed from his cell and giving the player the quest reward, Reza will leave through a side door that is inaccessible to the player. Then he likely heads to a safe place.


Reza is a middle aged man with balding brown hair and a full beard. He wears a white shirt, a dark blue undershirt, light blue jeans held by a brown belt, and black and white shoes.


  • It's possible to not help Reza and just leave him there.
  • It is unknown why Reza was kept alive and locked up, and not murdered by the raskol gang. The gang is clearly violent and has written words all over the police station about hating cops.