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For the weapon in Dead Island 2, see Heavy Revolver.

The Revolver is a type of firearm featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by select Merchants and found in Metal chests or on killed Zombies. It can also be found in places across Banoi Island.


Revolvers are one of the more powerful pistol variants available in the game, having damage on par or slightly higher than a Heavy Pistol but less than a Magnum. They also have quite good accuracy which allows them to fall into somewhat of a sniper role as far as pistols go. They are good for clearing out isolated Walkers or Infected, as well as killing Thugs quite well, which helps conserve ammo. However, they have quite a few drawbacks that prevent them from being as universal as a regular Pistol. They are only able to hold 6 shots, which is the lowest capacity of any pistol variant, being on par with the Magnum and 3 less than the Heavy Pistol. It also has a dramatically slow rate of fire due to the Heroes having to manually cock the hammer with each shot, which causes it to have an extremely low rate of fire. This prevents it from being good crowd control, and when coupled with the low magazine capacity as well as the slow reload due to not having a magazine, it means that the Revolver is a poor choice of firearm for close quarters use.


Unlike other pistol variants, the Revolver is unable to accept any firearm mods.



  • Omar Torres will give out a Revolver for completing his side quest Omar Escort.
  • Several merchants can sell a revolver:
  • Revolvers can also be found naturally spawning across the game world. They will respawn after being collected if you reload the map:
    • A common rarity revolver can be found inside Bungalow 13.
    • Another is found in the beach bar in the centre island of the Diamond Bungalows District, next to a body where a Thug commonly spawns. It's the same bar where ID Card 08 is found.
    • A revolver can be found on the floor of a shop just south the Warehouse in Moresby.
    • A revolver will spawn with the dead body that's found in the Police Station cells. The body is in front of the cell holding Bill.
    • In Ryder White's Campaign, a Revolver can be found on the mattress in the fortification at Victory Hill.
  • Revolvers will only begin to spawn when the player reaches level 10 or higher.
  • Due to how early a Revolver can be acquired, they are often the first firearm acquired in Dead Island.
  • Both Purna Jackson and Harlow Jordan will use Revolvers as their weapons during siege events if no levels of their respective Team Quests have been completed.
  • In Riptide, the Revolver has a 400% headshot multiplier damage.


  • The revolver uses the model of a Smith & Wesson Model 15 revolver.