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Rescue Xavier is a Civilian rescue quest in Dead Island: Riptide. When the Hero nears Xavier's position near the lower part of Henderson, close to The Fort of Henderson, the quest automatically activates. Xavier is stuck on top of some boxes surrounded by zombies.


The hero must rescue Xavier from the zombies surrounding him.


  • When travelling through Henderson, you'll hear Xavier call out for help.
  • He's standing on top of some boxes surrounded by Walkers.
  • Go over to him and kill all the zombies surrounding him.
  • When they're all dead, head over to him and talk to him to complete the quest and receive your reward.


  • Upon activating, all the zombies surrounding him will have a white skull icon on the minimap so you know which need to be killed to complete the quest.
  • Be careful using guns in this area. A Screamer is just down the path towards the semi-circular café seating area while a Wrestler often resides in the alley in front of the Laundry if you arrived at this quest from a different path. Using firearms may alert these dangerous zombies and turn this easy quest into a very hard quest.
  • Given its close proximity to The Fort of Henderson, you'll probably run into it when completing the main quest The Crash.
  • It's right behind Ogio Moke's Laundry, so simply head up the stairs just before the path leading to the Fort and you'll hear and see Xavier calling for help, besieged by zombies.