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Rescue is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Samuel Hardy in Dead Island: Riptide.


The hero has to mark an area on the roof of the Old Town Cinema to signal that they need rescuing by Frank Serpo in his helicopter.


  • Talk to Colonel Hardy to start the quest. He's with everyone else in the cinema screen.
  • He doesn't apologise for making up the nuke story, but he does tell you that you need to attract the helicopter's attention so they can gather on the roof to be transported off the island. He suggests burning some of the movie reels for the movie projector in the cinema.
  • You'll need permission from Jacqueline first, so head through the cinema and talk to her in the projector box overlooking the seating.
  • She really doesn't want to burn her reels, as some of them are rare originals, but she agrees for the good of the group.
  • On the metal shelving next to her is an interactible wooden box of movie reels. Pick it up and carry it up to the roof. You have to carry it the same as you would a gas can or crate, so no sprinting for you!
  • Place it in the glowing spot on the roof. You can now interact with it and set them on fire to attract the helicopter.
  • Bad news! You can now hear the screams of the Infected and Trevor explains that the smoke from the fire will attract them to the roof, making rescue impossible. He suggests using the nearby concert stage to distract them and make them gather there instead, giving them time to be picked up by the helicopter.
  • The concert plaza is just in front of the cinema, so it's not a long trek at all for you to complete. Head to the front of the cinema and head to the left of the courtyard in front of you. There may be a Ram here, as well as some Infected and Walkers, so be careful and check before you jump down.
  • Once you head to the left, take the next immediate left to head through an archway and enter the concert plaza.
  • The plaza is dominated by the main stage with large speakers, which is perfect for what you need. All you need now is something to play on them.
  • Head around to the back of the stage to see the equipment that was set up. You've got the laptop to play it, which is behind the rightmost speaker on the stage, now all you need is some music.
  • On the tables behind the stage is a music CD. It's labelled 'Sam B's Music Single', so you know it's good!
  • Return to the laptop behind the speaker and get ready to run. After around five seconds after you start the music, the area will be swarming with Infected and they will not stop spawning.
  • Place the CD in the laptop and immediately sprint back the way you came. In ten seconds, that area will be a hotspot for Infected all over the city.
  • The quest will now have automatically completed, but you need to get out of there.
  • Sprint back to the cinema and climb up to the roof. Kill any Infected that are chasing you to give you some more time to grab a ladder.
  • Once you reach the roof, a cutscene will play.


  • This is the last time you'll see Hardy, so hold off on completing any more of his team quests until you complete the game and start a new game plus, as you won't get any of his fighting benefits, since he dies in the next cutscene so it would just be a waste of your resources.
  • Strangely enough, the quest finishes after you activate the speakers and won't start the next main quest until you return to the cinema roof. This means you can do as many side quests as you want before continuing the story.
  • You can find a metal chest at the concert plaza under the desk where you find the CD. Loot it before activating the music.
  • You can also find the sonic pulse grenade blueprint on a table here.
  • The music that plays is Sam B's other hit single, No Room In Hell.
    • This music loops, so even if it finishes it will keep playing until you start the next main quest.
    • This means that the area will remain crawling with Infected until you complete the next main quest as well.
    • During this quest, if playing as John Morgan, he will ask 'What the fuck tripe is this? My fucking ears are bleeding', indicating that he doesn't really the music or perhaps just doesn't like rap music in general. It could also be because of the volume the music is playing at.
  • Infected will constantly spawn at the concert plaza while the music plays. This is a good way to quickly level up, as you'll get a constant stream of enemies to kill.
  • If you're struggling to get out of the plaza after activating the music, simply throw down a meat bait and run out of there while the Infected are distracted with the bait. You might even kill them if you use exploding meat