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EDI Refining lab

The open refining lab

The Refining Lab is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It was a large laboratory within the GeoPharm Labs likely dedicated to streamlining processes around manufacturing and testing various cures and drugs. Cliff Calo passes through the lab in his quest to find a cure for Linda.


The Refining lab is a massive, open room with several walkways crossing over various places. There's a walkway around most of the ground floor at the sides of the lab, with a central metal walkway across the middle to get to some metal stairs up. The stairs lead to an upper walkway which has two inaccessible doors, as well as a small staff rest area of a circular table and chairs. Near the entrance to the lab is Dr. Faith Kimball's Lab, a small room which is locked by a keycard lock. On the lower floor of the lab are loads of large, metal machines with unknown purposes, but likely manufacture and refine various cures and drugs. A control panel is found here which controls a large blast door to deeper into the lab. The lab is filled with barrels and boxes, but the barrels are full of a toxic waste of some kind, filling the lower level with green gas as well as giving the whole room a green tint.


  • You can find Postcard #9 at the end of the middle corridor above the main floor, hidden behind some boxes.
  • GeoPharm File #12 is found at the end of the very upper walkway, where the hole in the floor is to get into the lab.
  • Inside of Dr. Faith Kimball's Lab is the gas mask, Lab Storage Keycard and some pistol ammo.
  • There's a variety of pistol and shotgun ammo (about 20 of each) scattered around the lower floor of the lab, inside the gas.
  • There's also a medkit located down here too.
  • Various traps and environmental effects are on the lower floor of the lab, activated with switches, but they're small and localized, highly unlikely to kill a zombie unless you manually manoeuvre one and shove it into the trap yourself.
  • Taking a picture of the machines on the main floor with the Camera gives Snapshot 39, 40 & 41.

Alert transcript[]

An automated alert can be heard along with blaring sirens which is originating from this room. Here is a transcript of the alert. Due to the ambiance, it can be hard to hear it clearly, but it constantly repeats.

Alert. Alert. Emergency lockdown in effect. This is not a drill. Evacuation is currently in progress. Avoid running to prevent accidental injury.