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Re: The Amanda Styles Incident is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is an email regarding an incident revolving around the social media creator Amanda Styles.


On the rooftop opposite the Bean Cup Coffee. By climbing on some boxes, you can access a rooftop overlooking the main road through Ocean Avenue. There's a Shotgun Trap which can be disarmed, and the collectible is on the floor near a table.


Burger 66 Family,

This is a company-wide announcement. As of today, we are refusing any and all service to the individual AMANDA STYLES.

She is now banned from ALL branches in the county and a restraining order is in place against her.

Should she enter any Burger 66 you have to call the police, even before asking her to leave.

As many of you may be aware, a recent series of videos posted online shows Ms. Styles committing "practical jokes" using Burger 66 property and products.

Burger 66's policy is that we do not in any way endorse these videos.

Please contact your supervisor immediately should you find copies of the footage online.

Furthermore, any staff willingly involved in the making of such content will be suspended WITHOUT PAY pending further investigation.

Be warned that she has been known to assume an alias while pulling her stunts, which may include:

- Barbie Wither-Goodear
- Ann Subscribe (often accompanied by a friend playing "Hugo Clickerlike")
- Karen Badmom
- Justine Vincible
- Raven Nightshadow
- Lady Uppercroft the 24th
- The Lizard

Stay vigilant, and remember to give our other guests service with a smile.

- Burger 66 Head Office