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Enemy statistics
Game(s) Dead Island Dead Island: Riptide Dead Island: Epidemic
Danger Level 5/5 skulls
Speed Fast
Aggression Very high
Weak Points The head ( shot in the head with a firearm, like a shotgun, a carabin or a gun to weaken him), the exposed section of his back,
First Encounter Outside Saint Christopher's Church
Level Health
1 280
3 500
12 1720
20 3050
25 4000
50 9600

The Ram is a special zombie found in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. In Dead Island, it is first encountered at the Church in the city of Moresby in Act II during the main quest Ram on Heaven's Door. In Dead Island: Riptide, it is first encountered in front of the Old Town Cinema in Henderson and is rather uncommon in the game.


The Ram.jpg

Rams are tough, strong and ferocious undead. The straight jacket they wear gives them mute testament to their insanity, and they relentlessly pursue any survivors they see, attacking with a single, ramming charge. Frontal attacks are ineffective against them; striking from behind is the best way to bring them down.

They charge at the player (their route is slightly more follow-the-target and may not be perfectly straight) and at close range, they kick and headbutt, knocking the player back and depleting their health and stamina.

The Ram is first encountered at Saint Christopher's Church, attempting to break down the barred doors along with several Walkers. This Ram has different behavior than others; it will not chase the target outside of the church's yard, and stops in the middle of a charge if that charge seems to lead it outside the church's yard.


Ram 01.jpg

The Ram is a hulking zombie who wears a straight jacket which permanently binds his arms to his chest, making it impossible for him to use them in combat. He also wears a prison-issue restraint mask which prevents him from biting and infecting others. The Ram is significantly larger than most zombies, including the Thug, and it is unclear how he was completely restrained in the straitjacket, pants and mask.


Ram charge.jpg

Rams are the most unique type of zombie encountered, as they have no usage of their arms. They tend to stay in one spot, though unlike Walkers who are content to just sit around and occasionally twitch, the Ram is one of the most vocal types of infected. They will often be found constantly writhing around in their straight jacket, trying to break free of their restraints. They will also constantly be huffing and making muffled sounds of rage from beneath their mask.

Upon spotting a survivor, they will turn to face them before squaring up. They will shake one last time, trying to break free, before roaring and charging forwards to tackle the victim. They have limited turning ability when changing, though they can adjust their aim around ten degrees left or right while charging, and they can run surprisingly fast for a zombie of their size. If a victim is hit, it will no doubt cause many broken bones, but also throw them several meters backwards through the air onto their back. The Ram will stop after a certain distance or if they hit an obstacle or wall, whereupon they will stumble backwards and spend around ten seconds angrily trying to break free of their restraints before once again turning and charging at the victim if they are still alive. If charging is not possible, they will instead lash out with a powerful kick, which will also cause a lot of damage and send the victim reeling backwards.



Dead Island Walkthrough - Ram on Heaven's Door

  • There is an opening on the back of their straight jacket. Attacking the exposed area with any melee or ranged weapon takes down its health drastically compared to facing it head-on. Shooting the exposed area from a distance (such as from a rooftop) is a safe and quick way to get rid of a Ram.
  • It is possible to headshot the Ram, but you have to be very precise, as only a very small portion of their head is visible above the face mask. This is best performed from an elevated position, and useful if a Ram won't turn around.
  • Be aware of the area around you so as to not get caught up on small items on the ground or draw the attention of other unseen zombie(s) while dodging and positioning.
  • Rams can also be a beneficial ally with a bit of strategy. If any zombies are closing in on your position while a Ram is in the vicinity, you can angle yourself so that the zombies are between you and the Ram. The Ram will see you and charge, running down any zombies in his path. This can be extremely effective if one such zombie is a Suicider.
  • If you're facing a Ram outside near some elevation such as a car or ambulance, then he will forget you're there when you jump onto said object. Sometimes the Ram will be right beside you while you're on the vehicle and not be aware that you're killing him slowly. However, when on a car hood or certain elevations, the Ram will walk slowly towards you and eventually kick you instead of charging, knocking you off the elevation and making you vulnerable to a charge; if this happens, it is advised that you run as soon as you stand up.
  • Lure the Ram into a burning area and stand on a structure just out of reach, then move in and out of the area the Ram is able to reach you to keep him inside the flames until it dies. For example, when you face the Ram in the Supermarket, run towards the carts and jump behind them. In some cases, it'll just walk around and catch itself on fire, granting you an easy kill.
  • Throwing an explosive knife at the exposed back of the Ram while on a car is another way to kill them.
  • Elemental weapons are extremely effective against the Ram because it can do damage through his armor. It is advisable to keep more than enough ingredients for the elemental mods and always carry an elemental weapon as later in the game, you will often face the Ram. Electrical Modifications paralyze the Ram and deal damage over time as do Poison Modifications. Fire Modifications only deal damage over time and do not stun the Ram.
  • Molotovs can be effective on Rams provided they are thrown behind the targeted Ram; upon impact with the surface, the spreading flames of the Molotov will set the Ram ablaze from behind, exploiting its characteristic weakness. It is advised to use a Deo-Bomb or a Grenade when attacking a Ram from a distance.
  • Try shooting explosive containers around or near the Ram for additional damage or the kill regardless of which direction the Ram is facing.
  • The Ram has a habit of attacking whomever attacked it last, so if you are in the vicinity of Punks or other hostile survivors, they will start shooting the Ram as they see it as a bigger threat than you. Lure them together and they should attack one another.
  • Throwing Meat Bait against a Ram causes zombies around that area to attack the Ram, adding additional damage to the target, along with distracting it.
  • Vehicles are highly effective against Rams; not only are they nearly impervious to the Ram's attacks, but also exploit Dead Island's physics as a weapon; a charging Ram striking a charging vehicle head on can result in spectacular Ram flight and damage. As the arms of the Ram are restrained, it is unable to get back up and upon falling over, it will die.
  • Highly unusually, it is known to be easier to kill a Ram or a Butcher with a vehicle, than it is to kill a Walker with one. This has been seen on all platforms.
  • If there is a fairly clear area when you encounter a Ram, then an easy kill is attainable by waiting for its charge and then charging at it at the same time, dodging at the last second. When it stops to roar and struggle, sprint behind it and slash (preferably with a shock-modded weapon, but not essential) to score enough hits to easily kill it.
  • Shock and Poison Mods work well against the Ram as it will induce a stun, leaving an opening for an attack.
  • If you face a Ram in an area with rooms or buildings (e.g. the prison or the laboratory) you can lure it into a room, get around it and leave the room, closing the door behind you. This will lock the Ram in the room and out of harm's way while you go about other business.
  • If you can time it properly, a single Incendiary Grenade will often kill a Ram, though sometimes you will have to face one last charge as the DOT does its work. 


  • In Dead Island, Rams are tied with Butchers as the most abundant source of high-rarity loot, having a 10% chance of dropping Exceptional and Legendary items. In Dead Island: Riptide they are still the most abundant source, though only having a 3% chance to drop Exceptional and Legendary items.
  • There is an Achievement/Trophy for killing a Ram with Sam B's tackle skill entitled "Oh, no you don't!". This is achieved with relative ease by chipping away at the Ram's hit points with a weapon that produces moderate damage, as long as the killing blow is delivered via Sam's tackle move.
  • It is possible to avoid the Ram at the Town Hall when it is overrun by zombies; all you have to do is take another route to the balcony or alternatively, use a ranged attack on the Suicider that may spawn in the courtyard near the Ram. The resulting explosion will damage the Ram and may kill it outright.
  • There is a glitch where a Ram will keep coming back to the original spawn location where you encountered it. If you open a door and head just outside of the area, the Ram will move towards you, but if you close the door, it will go back to the spawn location, allowing you to get clear shots at the Ram's back while it walks away. This can be exploited for easy kills.
  • Though it isn't the primary attack, when the Ram is too close to charge, it will headbutt or kick. These attacks are similar to a Thug's and will usually send you flying.
  • Concept gameplay screenshots show the Ram in the Resort near the Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Gas Station and other early screenshots show the Ram at the Golden Beach and in The Hotel where Infected chase the Hero during the prologue mission Chaos Overture. They were cut from these areas, likely because they were considered too challenging for starting players.
  • It is possible during development that a Ram was originally going to appear in the prologue instead of the Infected, and Rams were originally going to appear at the Resort too. It appears that later in development, the Ram was removed from the prologue and the resort area.
  • It is not possible to cut off any limb of the Ram, even if you give it a Headstomp or a swift blow, much like the Floater and Butcher.
  • There are a total of 12 Rams scattered around in Moresby, 2 or 3 in the Laboratory and 5 or 7 in the Prison. In Riptide they aren't as common, since they can only be found in Henderson. There's only 3 or 4 Rams in total, with one located at the Cinema courtyard and one at the Sea Market.
  • Sometimes Ram noises can be heard at Resort, Sewers, Mingende Jungle, Flooded jungle, and Palanai Ferry Station despite not appearing there.


  • The Ram appears to be inspired by the Charger from Left 4 Dead 2, as they both use charging as their signature attack.
  • When looking in the very far distance, the Ram appears to have no arms this is possibly due to how there model was made.
  • It is unknown if Rams are all large men that went insane before the outbreak, or if they're ordinary men that experienced accelerated physical growth from the Kuru Prion.
  • During Ryder White's Campaign, Rams are first encountered when Ryder visits death row and after the cells are opened, suggesting the Ram may have originated from the prison.


  • It has been noted that after applying the recent version of Patch 1.3, the Ram may often disappear from locations that it should always re-spawn, such as the market burning point and inside of one of the warehouses in the Laboratory map.
  • The Ram in front of the old town cinema in Henderson is able to glitch into the fountain and not able to get out.