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Radio Ga Ga is a medium difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Carl in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to a nearby electrical shop to get parts needed by Carl to create a working radio.


  • Talk to Carl once you unlock the Warehouse.
  • Carl wants you to travel to an electrical shop to collect some parts for him to fix up the radio and contact the outside world for help.
  • The electrical shop is near the fifth poster location for the side quest Last Chance on the Wall in Down Town.
  • It's down an alleyway infested with zombies, so have a good weapon to complete this quest.
  • Once arrived at the electrical shop, you'll see it's locked and you need to bash down the door.
  • Make sure the area is clear and no other zombies have noticed you, as otherwise you'll have to start bashing down the door again.
  • Once the door is broken open, head around to the other side of the counter and collect the electrical part on the counter and the wire on the shelf next to it.
  • There's a zombie leaning up against the counter who will come alive. Make sure to kill it so you're not surprised by it.
  • Once you have the electrical part, you can either walk back to Carl or travel to the Pump Station and use the car there to drive to the Church and fast travel to the Warehouse.
  • Talk to Carl to hand over the parts and finish the quest.


  • Heavy Duty Mod is located on floor in front of the counter.
  • Tape 05 is on a shelf on the back wall of the electrical shop. Make sure to grab it while you're here.
  • There's several molotovs on the floor next to the zombie who comes alive against the counter. Make sure to nick them and loot the till.
  • A vending machine is in the corner next to the counter if you need some health, but energy drinks are scattered around the shop.
  • You can easily find Stan Dart on the other side of the shop. If you go around the corner or through an alleyway around to the other side of the block, Stan will be waiting and start the side quest Grasp All, Lose All.
  • During Ryder White's Campaign, during the main quest Escape from Banoi, you can find the radio shop again and break through the door to enter it. However, there's nothing of note in here other than the vending machine.


  • Radio Ga Ga is the name of a 1984 song by the band Queen.
    • Additionally, the singer Lady Gaga credits her stage name to this song.