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Quests are missions that are given out by survivors or triggered by visiting different locations and picking up quest items in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. After completing the campaign, the XP reward changes and it's based on the player's level. For example every continuous quest will give 0,5% of required XP to level up (except for "Time to Booze" and "Blood Compound" wich will give 1,5% and 1,33% respectively), example: A level 57 player (6958069 - 6123454 XP) will recive the difference between the XP that will be needed to level up (in this case "6958069") minus the XP that was needed to reach the current level (in this case "6123454"). The quest reward will be based on this result ("834615" in this case), and you apply the percentage of the quest and you will have the XP reward.The following formula is how to calculate XP reward.

[(XP needed for next level) - (XP needed for current level)] * (XP multiplayer)

Main and side quests do not to have a concret formula for calculating these reults since the difficulty does no appears to have a fixed XP multiplayer, but the XP reward is still based on the player's level.

Dead Island

Main quests


Act I

N Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
1 Blood on the Sand Jeannine Easy 2000 XP
2 Passport to Life John Sinamoi Easy 400 XP, Nail'd Mod
3 Exodus John Sinamoi Hard 600 XP, Homemade Cleaver
4 To Kill Time John Sinamoi Very Easy None
5 A Piece of Cake John Sinamoi Easy 1500 XP, Baseball Bat
6 Seek'n'Loot John Sinamoi Hard 1800 XP, Cash
7 Born to be Wild John Sinamoi Very Hard 2100 XP, Diamonds
8 Black Hawk Down John Sinamoi Medium 2400 XP, Shock Mod
9 Misery Wagon John Sinamoi Medium 2700 XP
10 Only the Strong Survive Earl Hard 3400 XP
11 On The Road Jin Very Easy 5000 XP

Act II

N Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
1 Ram on Heaven's Door Jin N/A 2000 XP
2 Sacred Silence Mother Helen N/A 2000 XP, Savage Mace or Wicked Knife
3 Drowned Hope Mother Helen Hard 4000 XP, Cash
4 Drop by Drop Antonio Margarete Hard 4500 XP, Meat Bait Mod
5 Way of Salvation Joseph Medium 4500 XP, Cash
6 Let the Waters Flow Joseph Medium 5000 XP
7 Head Against the Wall N/A N/A 1000 XP
8 Supermarket Journey Josh Hard 5000 XP
9 Bitter Return N/A Easy 6500 XP
10 Lady in Trouble Mother Helen Medium 5000 XP
11 Faith Will Move Mountains Jin N/A Mace
12 It's Never Too Late John Sinamoi Easy 5500 XP
13 Bird on the Roof John Sinamoi Medium 6000 XP
14 Home Sweet Home The Voice Medium N/A
15 Devastator Jin Hard 6000 XP


N Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
1 Welcome to the Jungle The Voice Very Hard N/A
2 Chasing Shadows Matutero Hard 6500 XP, Auto Rifle
3 Soldier of Fortune Matutero Very Hard 6500 XP, Cash
4 King of the Swamp Matutero Very Easy 1000 XP
5 River Trip Mowen Medium 3000 XP
6 House of Science Robert West Hard N/A
7 Man of Faith Robert West Hard 7500 XP
8 Demonic Science Robert West Very Hard Cash
9 Pure Blood Robert West Very Hard 8500 XP
10 Hard Talk The Voice Very Easy N/A
11 Boat Supplies Mowen Hard 9000 XP
12 Back in Black Mowen Medium N/A
13 No Time to Talk The Voice N/A N/A

Act IV

N Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
1 Titus Andronikus Mowen Easy N/A
2 The Green Mile Titus Kabui Hard 10,000 XP, Metal Kanabo
3 Full Metal Jacket Titus Kabui Hard 10,000 XP, Sledgehammer
4 Dante's Kitchen Titus Kabui Medium 10,000 XP, Heavy Pistol
5 Devil's Labyrinth Titus Kabui Very Hard N/A
6 Chasing the White Rabbit Kevin Very Hard N/A
7 On The Edge Kevin Very Hard N/A

Side quests

The difference between side quests and main quests is at time blurred. There are some side quests that are really part of main quests and must be completed for the main quest to be advanced or completed. In some cases why this was done is unclear (e.g., Locked Armory) while others make more sense (e.g., Ashes to Ashes and On the Air).


Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
A Ray of Hope Darvin Bark Medium 1200 XP, Wrench
Ashes to Ashes Mike Very Hard 900 XP, Molotov Cocktail
A Voice from Above the Sky Nikolai Very Hard 3000 XP
Bloody Health Service! Jack Easy 500 XP, Cash
Bloody Valentine Roger Nelson Easy 700 XP, Homemade Double Blade
Counsel of Despair James Stein Hard 700 XP, Torch Mod
Crash Laurie Weaver Easy 400 XP
Family Matters Max Medium 700 XP, Homemade Machete
Fluid Necessity Harlan Johnson Medium 500 XP, Cash
Gold Digger N/A N/A None
Hit and Run Omar Torres Medium 600 XP, Cash
House Full of Surprises Richard Case Very Easy None
Knockin' on Heaven's Door James Stein Hard 500 XP, Cash
Lazarus Rising Hank Very Easy 300 XP
Life in the Bag Jack Medium 700 XP, Sickle
Light My Fire Trevor Cohen Hard 500 XP, Nail Hammer
Make Yourself at Home Harlan Johnson Very Easy 500 XP, Baseball Bat
My Precious... Jeannine Easy 500 XP, Slicer
Nighthawk Monica Goldberg Hard 3500 XP, Military Machete
Omar Escort Omar Torres Easy 600 XP, Revolver
On the Air Dominic Medium 1000 XP, Cash
Out of Stock Stanley Garrison Easy 400 XP, Cash
Tell Me Where It Hurts Mick Fler Medium 500 XP, Deo-Bomb Blueprint
The Lost Steven Easy 300 XP, Cash
Too Much Sugar Luke Craig Easy 500 XP, Cash
Toy Story Anne Snider Easy 500 XP, Nuts & Bolts Mod
Two Hearts Jennifer Snider Very Easy 500 XP, Heavy Mod
Waterdance Proximity Medium 1500 XP


Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
Alcohol for Theresa Theresa Medium 1500 XP, Cash
A New Broom Sweeps Clean Nick Hard 1500 XP, Cash
A Tough Nut to Crack Jared Miles N/A 1500 XP
Big Daddy, Where Are You? Triggered by Main (City Hall) N/A 1500 XP
Blood Ties Kwan Hard 1500 XP, Cash
Bury The Dead Helen Hard 3000 XP, Gabriel's Sledgehammer
Cat on the Roof Proximity Easy 1500 XP, Cash
Fast Aid Lucas (Abandoned house) Medium 1500 XP, Big Baseball Bat
Fortress of God Bruno Medium 1500 XP, Cash
Godless Entities Frank Easy 1500 XP, Cash
Grasp All, Lose All Stan Dart Hard 1500 XP, Cash
Guard on Duty Policeman (City Hall) Very Easy 1500 XP
Heroes and Villains Vang Chi N/A 3000 XP, Lightning Mod
Imprisoned for Life Reza (Police Station) Easy 3000 XP, Police Baton
In Cold Blood Mugambe Medium 1500 XP, Heavy Pistol
Judgement Day Tim Hard 1500 XP, Short-Circuit Mod
Last Chance on the Wall Howard Craigson Hard 1500 XP, Impact Mod
Last Will Terrance Barker Easy 1500 XP, Cash
Matter of Justice Tim Hard 1500 XP, Pride Gun Mod
Message to the Masses Hugo Medium 1500 XP, Cash
One Foot in the Grave Deanna Medium 1500 XP, Cash
One Last Breath Carla Medium 1500 XP, Cash
Paperwork Patrick (Abandoned house) Hard 1500 XP, Cash
Picture of Bliss Jack Medium 1500 XP, Paralyzing Strike Mod
Radio Ga Ga Carl Medium 1500 XP, Big Splitting Axe
Simon Says... Proximity N/A 1500 XP
Six Feet Under Owain Easy 1500 XP, Wicked Sickle
Spicy Drinks Florencio Morales Medium 1500 XP, Molotov Cocktail
Spy Game Nick (Abandoned house) Hard 1500 XP, Old Smoky Mod
Survivor N/A N/A Cash
The First Head of Cerberus Garett Grant Medium 1500 XP, Cash
The Second Head of Cerberus Garett Grant Medium 1500 XP, Pistol
The Third Head of Cerberus Garett Grant Medium 1500 XP, Piranha Mod
Uninvited Guests Proximity N/A 1500 XP, Battle Double Blade


Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
A Matter of Honor Makimbah Medium 3000 XP, Brutal Machete
A Wounded Crank Sam Easy 500 XP, Striker Shotgun Mod
Blood in the Tropics Loren Easy 1500 XP, Hatchet
Bridge Too Far Proximity N/A 1500 XP, Cash
Cold Stone Proximity N/A 1500 XP, Battle Sickle
Death Wish Carter Hard 3000 XP, Shark Mod
Fallen Angel Chris Hard 3000 XP, Pick of Destiny
Little Prince Claire Easy 3000 XP, Rifle Ammo Blueprint
Remains of the Damned Mongina Hard 3000 XP, Cudgel
Second Aid Otha Cantu Easy 1500 XP, Saw Disc Axe Mod
Show Must Go On Amanda Hard 3000 XP, Detox Rifle Mod
The Dead in Fishing Net Tobias Medium 1500 XP, Cash
Visit to the Pub Dwight Turner N/A 3000 XP, Nail Hammer
Unmarked Jungle Quests Proximity N/A 1500 XP


Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
Danse Macabre Proximity N/A 3000 XP, Battle Double Blade
Deus ex Machina Connor Medium 3000 XP, Katana
Insect Repellent Lachance Medium 3000 XP, Detox Gun Mod, Deo-Bombs
Message of Love Sebastian Medium 3000 XP, Wakizashi
No Sign of Life Sebastian Medium 3000 XP, Cash
Power Slaves Will Hard 6500 XP, Shock Rifle Mod
Rats in the Lab Bob Easy 6000 XP, Cash
Rotting Flesh Scientist Easy 8000 XP, Magnum Pistol
Scran's not for the Dead Monroe Medium 3000 XP, Cash
Substance of Matter Frank Medium 8500 XP, Deathstalker Mod
The Dead Don't Eat Crackers Sebastian Medium 3000 XP, Kukri
Wet Job Nguyen Hard 3000 XP, Short Shotgun
Where is my Pineapple? Nguyen Hard 3000 XP, Tijuana Machete


Quest Name Quest Giver Difficulty Reward
Acid Funk Dreyfus Medium 3000 XP, Short Shotgun
Banoi Butcher Angel Hard 3000 XP, Zed's Demise
Locked Armory Kevin Hard N/A
Painful Insanity Harland Medium 3000 XP, Exotic Double Blade

Continuous events

Some of the continuous events actually have an end. When the Laboratory is overrun at the beginning of No Time to Talk those quests will no longer be available. This applies to Blood Compound.

Quest Name Quest Giver Requirement Difficulty Reward
Ashes of Humanity Brian 2 cans of food Easy 100 XP, 30 Small Rifle Ammo*
Bleach with a Vengeance Tavin 5 boxes of bleach Medium 300 XP, Incendiary Grenade, Cash
Blood Compound Monroe 5 Suicider Meat Medium 2000 XP, $1 cash
Death in the Glass Harlan Johnson 3 bottles of alcohol Very Easy 100 XP, Molotov Cocktail
Divine Light Rian 5 batteries Easy 300 XP, Cash
Dreamtime Warrior 5 oleander flowers Medium 600 XP, $1 Cash
Feeding the Multitude Pono 5 Canned Food Easy 500 XP, Cash
Fiery Drinks Mike (Lifeguard Tower) 5 bottles of alcohol Very Easy 100 XP, Molotov Cocktail
Light is Life Ethan 5 batteries Easy 500 XP, Small Pistol Ammo
Nectar of Life Kim 1 water bottle Very Easy 100 XP, Cash
Three Nails Bruno 3 Nails Easy 500 XP, Cash
Time for Booze Svetlana 1 Brand Champagne Medium 1000 XP, 1 Diamonds
Wind in the Stomach Ned 2 cans of food Very Easy 100 XP, Cash
Weeds Loren 5 Gotu Kola flowers Easy 500 XP, Cash

Ryder White's Campaign

N Quest Name Quest Giver
1 The Eagle Has Landed --
2 Stolen Thunder --
3 One Bridge Too Far --
4 Escape from Banoi --
5 The Knight in Shining Armor --
6 Get the Power Back On --
7 Medicine for Emily --
8 Clear the Path --
9 It's a Trap --
10 Evacuate from the Prison --

Dead Island: Riptide

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