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Quarantine Zone is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Heroes by Trevor in Dead Island: Riptide.


The heroes need to chase Harlow into the Quarantine Zone, but first they need to blow down the doors to get in.


  • Talk to Trevor to start the quest.
  • He tells you that Serpo believes Harlow ran off to the quarantine zone to find a boat. He wants you to go there and find it before she does so that they can leave the island.
  • You can get there two ways. Either you can fast travel to the Old Town Cinema and get there that way, or you can leave via the fort entrance and walk that way. If going via the cinema, use the same route as you used to reach the fort in the first place. It takes you past the quarantine zone entrance which is where this quest takes place.
  • If going from the fort, exit it via the main walkway and make the short trip to the quarantine zone entrance. Take a right at the end of the walkway and follow the path all the way to the end, where there's a small courtyard. There's usually a Screamer here, so be careful. Use the stairs at the rear of it to go up and to the right, down a small alleyway to reach the entrance of quarantine.
  • Once there, you'll see that there's a solid metal gate which has a load of Walkers crowding around it on the other side.
  • Serpo contacts you via radio and suggests trying the other entrance further north. Simply follow the road behind you around the corner to see the other entrance, which has a large yellow bulldozer in front of it, as well as a large metal gate with Walkers behind it again.
  • The hero wonders if they can use the bulldozer to get in. Trevor suggests making it more dangerous by loading it up with gas cans.
  • Luckily, there's a couple not too far away. There'll be a red pick-up icon on your minimap which is where the cans are located.
  • There's a total of four of them in the shop, two are on the floor behind the counter while the other two are on a metal shelf off to the side.
  • Carry them to the bulldozer and load them onto the sides of the cab, two either side.
  • Activate the bulldozer on the left hand side to finish the quest and watch the cutscene. It shows the bulldozer ploughing through the metal gate into quarantine. It then shows the leaking fuel trailing back to the hero who uses a lighter to set the fuel on fire and blow up the bulldozer, killing all the zombies around it.


  • If leaving via the fort, take care to not use a gun on the Wrestler who normally hangs around the area, as there's a Screamer not too far away who will be attracted by the gunfire.
  • The gas cans use the same model as the chemicals you collect in the Laboratory in the original Dead Island, rather than the normal rusted blue gas cans. It's unknown why this is as the models have been used previously in this game already.