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Not to be confused with the Quarantine Zone, an area in Dead Island: Riptide
For the collectible of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Quarantine (Skope).

Quarantine is a section of the city of Moresby that has been sectioned off in order to combat the spread of the Kuru infection. The main walls used to section it off were provided by the Australian Biological Institute, and are marked with the biohazard symbol. Unlike police and makeshift barriers seen elsewhere in Moresby, the walls of the Quarantine area are high enough to prevent even the Infected from climbing over them, and are topped with barbed wire as added protection. Some portions of the wall, particularly those blocking off smaller streets, have observation catwalks, accessible via ladders on the exterior side.

Despite the effort to keep the area inaccessible, the security of the Quarantine area has been breached in many locations. Ladders leading to crudely constructed catwalks over the walls can be found in several areas both inside and outside Quarantine. There is also a break in the wall: an uncovered archway in a small back alley to the South of Queenscliffe, accessible via a small staircase just west of the Northern-most bridge across the canal. It is unclear if the archway was left uncovered intentionally.


Quarantine was designed to be a secure area of the city which would house all the infected citizens of Moresby when the outbreak first occurred. It was placed in the centre of the city and had a makeshift hospital placed in the open park area near the ditch which runs through the city. All the roads were barricaded off with large, strong walls topped with barbed wire. There were some guard walkways on top of the wall where armed guards would constantly watch the interior for any ill citizens trying to escape. When the real nature of the disease was realised, the quarantine zone was even more important. All entrance and exit ways were blocked off somehow, but the infected broke out through a breach leading towards the Police Station. As a result, the quarantine failed and the rest of Banoi was quick to succumb to the undead.

Most of the ground is covered in bodies or zombies, so moving around is dangerous. Various catwalks span across the area, reaching from rooftops to the ground, allowing both humans and zombies to move around the area. Some of the shops and houses are still accessible, with minor supplies and loot to be found. There's a few breaches that allow access from the ground level, but most access will be found from the catwalks.


Travelling around is mostly done via the wooden catwalks, usually accessible via either rooftops or guard towers. Very few enemies can reach you from up there and it allows for some reach across the area. Items like meat bait and other throwables are your best friend if you want to travel in quarantine. Because of the high concentration of zombies in the area, if you are not confident in fighting them, meat bait makes a great distraction to give you time to grab something or get away. Two handed weapons are a death sentence for someone travelling through quarantine, as the slow swing speed leaves you very vulnerable, especially to the constantly spawning Infected.

Travelling in groups is the best idea if you're series about exploring quarantine. The more people you have, the more zombies you can kill and you can watch each other's backs. There's very little good loot in quarantine, so you should only really be travelling there if you're on a quest or really want the drops from the Infected.


  • Once the Hero crosses into Quarantine, countless numbers of infected spawn (along with other various zombies) and zero in on your position. This also applies to the refugee hospital camp set up alongside the ditch that runs through the centre of Moresby.
  • For those brave enough, the constantly spawning Infected can be a good source of meat for the meat bait mod.
  • Quarantine can be considered the most dangerous place to cross on the island.
  • Unless the Hero is required to cross it as part of a quest, or is in a well-stocked, well-armed group, it is highly recommended that solo players try and avoid these particular areas.
  • The uncovered archway is located just south of the second loudspeaker you are sent to activate as part of the side quest The Third Head of Cerberus.
  • There's a metal chest on top of a shed near the entrance to quarantine near the warehouse.
  • Punks camp on the Roofs in this area.
  • The hospital tents in the centre of Quarantine are completely sealed off, so don't bother trying to loot or search them, as they are inaccessible.