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The Putrefied Slobber is an Apex zombie in featured in Dead Island 2. A variant of the Slobber, it is first encountered in the Brentwood Sewer. Afterwards, it has a chance to spawn at Slobber hot-spots and other areas throughout Los Angeles.


The Putrefied Slobber is capable of projectile vomiting sticky Bile Blobs. These Blobs attach to any surface and explode when a player walks near them. This will inflict heavy damage to players and can kill players instantly if multiple blobs are beside one another. Bile Blobs can also be found in the environment when no Putrefied Slobber is present. Unlike the fresh blobs vomited by Putrefied Slobber, they will regenerate after a few seconds of exploding, forcing players not to idle in affected areas.

As with normal Slobbers, Putrefied Slobbers will stay back to shoot players with their blobs from a distance. When a player gets close enough, they will be forced into melee combat. This causes them to perform swipe attacks and attempt to grab players. Putrefied Slobber are immune to bleed damage but are weak to sharp and shock damage. Should a Putrefied Slobber miss when they attempt to grab a player, they will be exposed and will drain more stability if they are hit.


Putrefied Slobbers have bloated bodies like normal slobbers but are notable for having their insides exposed. Their organs have transformed into leech like structures that protrude out of their stomach and other parts of their body. Their torn clothing consists of a green tank top with white stripes, and light blue shorts.

Notable Putrefied Slobbers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood A Putrefied Slobber vomits huge, sticky Bile Blobs. Bile Blobs attach to surfaces and explode when a victim is close.
Under The Skin Putrefied Slobbers are immune to BLEED damage. They are weak to SHARP and SHOCK damage.
Sliced To The Bone Kill 15 Putrefied Slobbers Hit Slobbers while they are EXPOSED from a missed grapple to drain more STABILITY.
Deep In The Guts Kill 30 Putrefied Slobbers For some real slayer style points, shoot a Putrefied Slobber's Bile Blob in mid-air to blow it up and damage nearby zombies!

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Leech Removal
Leech Removal 1 Kill 10 Putrefied Slobbers
Leech Removal 2 Kill 25 Putrefied Slobbers
Leech Removal 3 Kill 50 Putrefied Slobbers